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Bookcase Showcase

This is a new feature starting this Saturday in which bloggers will be showcasing their book collection (housed in bookcases or otherwise!)

Featured on Bookcase Showcase
The Overflowing Library
Blogger Kate from That Book Blog
Blogger Andrew from The Pewter Wolf 
Blogger Jess from Nayu's Reading Corner
Author  CJ Skuse
Blogger Laura from SisterSpooky 
Blogger Vivienne from Serendipity reads
Blogger Clover from Fluttering Butterflies
Blogger Jodie from Books for Company
Clare @autumnbutturfly
Blogger Raimy from Readraptor
Blogger Vicki from Heaven, Hell and Purgatory book reviews
Blogger Essjay from My Favourite Books
Blogger Mel from Mel's random reviews
Author Sue Ransom
Blogger Liz from My favourite Books
Author Andrew Peters
Author Barbara Mitchelhill 
Blogger Mary from our book reviews
Blogger Jesse Owen from Books for teens
Blogger Karen from The Slowest Bookworm
Blogger Lyndsey from Heaven. Hell and Purgatory Book reviews
Author Catherine Bruton 
Editor Non Pratt from Catnip Books
Blogger Bella from Cheezy Feet Reviews
Author LM Long
Blogger Kati Lear
Author Stephanie Burgis
Blogger Scattered Laura from Scattered Figments
Author Christopher Edge
Author Jana Oliver
Author HM Castor
Author Amy Kathleen Ryan 
Author Annabel Pitcher
Blogger Zoe Crook from BookHi
Author Sally Gardner
Author Ian Beck
Author Katy Moran 
Blogger Much loved Books
Blogger Stacey from Pretty Books
Blogger Rebecca Books
Maria Teresa Fortes da Luz
Author Robin Wasssermann
Author Julie Cross
Author Cate Tieran
Author Sara Grant
Author Phil Earle
Author James Dawson
Author JD Sharpe / Jasmine Richards
Author Don Calame
Author Lindsay Barraclough
Blogger Tayte
Author Sophia Bennett
Author Laura Jarratt
Bloggers from We sat Down
Author Dave Cousins
Author Gemma Malley
Author Randy Russell
Author Sita Brahmachari
Author Helen Peters
Author Ruth Eastham
Author Marcus Sedgwick
Author Linda Newberry
Author Leigh Bardugo
Author Laura Powell
Blogger Darren from Book Zone for Boys
Author Caroline Lawrence
Author Susie Day
Author Kieran Larwood
Author Keris Stainton
Blogger Grete from Library thing
Blogger Adele from unbound
Author KM Lockwood
Author Kim Curran
Author Benjamin J Myers
Author Gwenda Bond
Author Sophie McKenzie
Author Abbi Glines
Blogger Sya from the Mountain of Instead
Author Cassandra Clarke
Author Joanna De La Haye
Author Anne Lyle
Author Gareth P Jones
Author Alex McQuay
Blogger Sarah from Feeling Fictional
Author Lydia Syson
Blogger Lucy from Chose YA
Author Liz Bankes
Publicist Kat from Simon and Schuster
Author AE Rought
Blogger Booka Uhu
Author Paula Weston
Author Yelena Black
Author CJ Flood
Author Laure Eve
Author Holly Smale
Author Jo Hall
Author Ruth Warburton
Blogger Anya from An Awful lot of books
Blogger Fiona from Bookish Outsider
Author Emily Murdoch 
Author Abigail Haas
Author Bryony Pearce
Author Robyn Schneider
Author Ingrid Jonach
Josh Stanton
Author Paige Toon
Author Tessa Sharpe
Author Sarah Naughton
Author Tanya Landman
Author Jeff Povey
Author Niall Leonard
Author Simon David Eden
Author Harriet Whitehorn
Author Susan E Fletcher
Author Mila Gray