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Bookcase Showcase: Author Cate Tieran

Today it's the turn of author Cate Tieran on bookcase showcase

This is the bookcase in my office. You can see some of my collection of Dorothy Dainty children's books from the early 1900s (top right). Top left we have my Barbara Hambly books--a great fantasy writer whose writing has been very influential for me.  Some favorite romances, lower right. Self-help/psychology books, lower left--helping me understand the human mind and emotions.  Bottom shelf, photos of my kids and a picture of my dad from the 1930s. Books on New Orleans, my hometown. Little clay animals made by me and my brother when we were little, supplemented by little clay animals made by my younger daughter when she was little.

This is a glass-fronted barrister bookcase that was my grandfather's, from the early 1900s. He was a judge in New Orleans and had two of these bookcases in his law office. I have one and my brother has one.  This holds weird medical books, my Barbara Pym novels, and a bunch of travel books. On the bottom shelf are Russian history books and some novels in Russian from when I was in college. 

This is the messy hall bookcase. It's 80% children's books, many from my childhood and some from my kids' childhoods. The other 20% are a few mystery/spy novels and some of my husband's guitar or motorcycle or sailing books.

This is the other end of the messy hall bookcase. (Yes, the floor is brick. Kind of weird.). On the very bottom shelf is a set of The Books of Knowledge from 1913. They're really cool to read through--had bits of everything and reflected the world at that time.  On the shelf right above that is a set of the Childcraft books from the 1960s. I read these over and over when I was little.  I've moved and packed and carted these books around my whole life. A house with no books is a sad, desolate place.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Lots of books. Thanks for sharing, Cate :)
Mel said…
I want a hall bookcase like that! I would love to have that much space to put all my books. Thanks!
Cait said…
Love the barrister bookcase. Such an eclectic collection!

The Cait Files
Oh look at all your beautiful books! I'd love to have a library like yours :)