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About Me

I'm Kirsty. I live on the North Norfolk coast. I went to UEA and did a History degree. This has led to me spending the majority of my days pretending to be a grown up and imparting my wisdom on unsuspecting teenagers who mostly think I am weird. Outside of work I love to read, search ebay for random bargains and knit

The Overflowing Library
I started this site in 2010 as a way for me to document my vast amounts of reading because I was struggling to keep track. I mostly review YA titles because I still have the brain of a teenager but I will dip into adult and middle grade fiction and love a good crafty book. I do not get paid for reviews hosted on this site.

Review Policy
I am currently only taking review requests for physical books. I hate my kindle with a burning passion.

Before sending me a review request please consider the following

I am happy to receive review requests for
- YA titles particularly  UKYA titles which are contemporary or historical fiction

- Adult titles particularly UK contemporary or historical fiction
- Craft books particularly knitting books
- Really awesome picture books

I will not accept review requests for
- anything that doesn't fall into the categories above.

I do not guarantee a review for every title I receive for review and I do not guarantee reviews by deadlines because, while I do try my best, sometimes my real paid job takes priority. I am more likely to make books I have been emailed and asked about it advance a priority than those I receive at random (as nice as the surprises can be). I tend to review on goodreads as soon as I finish a book and transfer said review to blog either asap or schedule close to publication date.

If I have nothing much to say about a book after I've read it I will rate it on goodreads and post a mini review but probably won't review it on my blog.

If I don't finish a book I usually won't review it either.