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About Me

I'm Kirsty. I live on the North Norfolk coast. I went to UEA and did a History degree. This has led to me spending the majority of my days pretending to be a grown up and imparting my wisdom on unsuspecting teenagers who mostly think I am weird. Outside of work I love to read, search ebay for random bargains and knit

The Overflowing Library
I started this site in 2010 as a way for me to document my vast amounts of reading because I was struggling to keep track. I mostly review YA titles because I still have the brain of a teenager but I will dip into adult and middle grade fiction and love a good crafty book. I do not get paid for reviews hosted on this site.

Review Policy
I am currently only taking review requests for physical books. I hate my kindle with a burning passion.

Before sending me a review request please consider the following

I am happy to receive review requests for
- YA titles particularly contemporary or historical fiction
- Middle Grade and crossover fiction particularly contemporary or historical fiction
- New Adult fiction which does not have a sexist pig as the lead
- Adult titles particularly contemporary or historical fiction
- Craft books particularly knitting books and christmas themed craft books.
- Really awesome picture books
- Bookish themed items such as clothing, accessories,  jewellery, housewares, trial subscription boxes

I will not accept review requests for
- YA involving fairies, angels, mermaids (unless it's a Laura Dockrill mermaid), pixies or the such like
- YA fantasy, Sci Fi or Dystopian.
- Adult fiction in the following genres: paranormal, erotica, sci fi, dystopian or fantasy

I do not guarantee a review for every title I receive for review and I do not guarantee reviews by deadlines because, while I do try my best, sometimes my real paid job takes priority. I am more likely to make books I have been emailed and asked about it advance a priority than those I receive at random (as nice as the surprises can be). I tend to review on goodreads as soon as I finish a book and transfer said review to blog either asap or schedule close to publication date.

If I have nothing much to say about a book after I've read it I will rate it on goodreads and post a mini review but probably won't review it on my blog.

If I don't finish a book I usually won't review it either.

Please email requests to kirstylouiseconnor (at)

I am available for freelance work recommending and consulting on books for teenagers or for use within schools and school libraries to engage and motivate more students to read for pleasure. I have a broad up-to-date working knowledge of the YA market as a whole and contacts in many of the UK publishing houses. I am also currently Head of History at an outstanding high school so can also specialise and recommend wider reading to compliment and enrich a KS3/4/5 History or PSCHE Curriculum or work to develop materials to compliment books that will be used within History lessons.

For more details about my freelancing history or academic credentials please contact me via email