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2014 review

2014 has been a funny year for me on the blog. I have really taken my foot off the pedal because work has been crazy this year. That said I've read some awesome books over the course of the year and being on top of my TBR pile has given me the chance to read more of what I have wanted and reread some books I loved ages ago and haven't had the chance to go back to before this year. As always thank you to all the wonderful publicists who continue to send me all the books, all the authors who indulge my fangirling and all my lovely bookish friends old and new I have made since I started my blog. Total books read in 2014: 220 British Books Challenge final total: 117 5 Star Reads: 22 (see details of those books here) Book of the year:  Trouble by Non Pratt

December 2014

December is always fabulous to me reading wise. Time off from school and two weeks where I do nothing but read and watch tv is pure bliss. Here's what I read this month Books Read 194) Vendetta by Catherine Doyle 195) I'll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson 196) The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss (British Books Challenge) 197) The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker 198) Juvie by Steve Watkins 199) The door that led to where by Sally Gardner (British Books Challenge) 200) Jessica's Ghost by Andrew Norriss (British Books Challenge) 201) Environment's envisioned by Jody Revenson (Harry Potter Page to Screen collector's edition) 202) The Creature Shop Compendium by Jody Revenson (Harry Potter Page to Screen collector's edition) 203) Wizard Wear and Muggle Attire by Jody Revenson (Harry Potter Page to Screen collector's edition) 204) Dr Horrible's sing along blog the book 205) Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver 206) A guide to the graphic a

Books I can't wait to read: 2015 is almost here edition

This month I'm going to do something slightly different with my Can't wait to read post. I've covered some of these books before but I wanted to put into one place all the books I am dying to get my hands on in 2015 and ones I think you should be getting excited for too. January releases There will be lies by Nick Lake I n four hours, Shelby Jane Cooper will be struck by a car. Shortly after, she and her mother will leave the hospital and set out on a winding journey toward the Grand Canyon. All Shelby knows is that they’re running from dangers only her mother understands. And the further they travel, the more Shelby questions everything about her past—and her current reality. Forced to take advantage of the kindness of unsuspecting travelers, Shelby grapples with what’s real, what isn’t, and who she can trust . . . if anybody. Should I admit I've never read a Nick Lake? Definitely something that is going to change soon and this looks like the place

5 Star reads of 2014

Over the course of the last year I have read some amazing books which I have rated 5 stars This little post is here just to highlight those books I adored, can't wait to reread and would recommend to any and everyone to buy and read themselves. Read in January The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson Why I loved it: It is a spin off from Paige's Johnny Be Good series which I adored and just an awesome read in its own right. Just fab. Read in February The Worst Girlfriend in the World by Sarra Manning Why I loved it: I adore Sarra Manning. I adore her books. This one was just as awesome as her previous. Girl with a white dog by Anne Booth Why I loved it: It is so inclusive and had such a diverse range of characters who were so well done. I loved the moral of the story and how it was done and just want to buy it for everyone. Hi so much by Laura Dockrill  Why I loved it: More Darcy being wonderful. I love this series entirely. The Bubble Wrap

SeaRISE Blog Tour: Time Travel

Time travel: putting the spanner in the works in SeaRISE Everyone dreams of time travel, and fantasizes about when they would travel to if they had the chance to step through a time portal, don’t they? It’s the kind of escapist trope that crops up again and again in science fiction, and makes for some hugely compelling plotlines. Growing up, I for one was a big fan of stories like Tom’s Midnight Garden and Charlotte Sometimes , where the characters by virtue of a grandfather clock striking thirteen or an old brass bed in a boarding school, are transported back to another time. Nowadays, the control system for time travel itself is often the focus in science fiction movies like Time Code , Adjustment Bureau and Looper . I like to think of Groundhog Day , one of my favourite films, as a kind of ‘stalled’ time travel movie. When I came to write my own time travel tale, The SeaBEAN Trilogy, I knew I’d have to confront the age-old conundrum which has dogged concepts

November review

November what did you do to me?? This month has been pitiful from a reading point of view. I'm really not finding anything at the moment to sink my teeth into and get excited about reading. I actually worked out I haven't read a five star book since April which is really sad. So here is my tiny little reading list for this month Books Read 188) Captive by AJ Grainger (British Books Challenge) 189) It's not me, it's you (British Books Challenge) 190) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 191) The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks 192) Serenity Leaves on the wind by Zack Whedon 193) Gone to Soldiers by Marge Piercey I'm dying to read some new UKYA. My wishlist is primed and I'm hoping rather desparately that some of them start arriving at my door sooner rather than later. Book of the month I had two YA wise it had to be AJ Grainger's Captive. If you like Sophie McKenzie you'll love it Adult wise it was Mhairi  McFarlane

The Art of being normal Blog Tour: Guest post from author Lisa Williamson

I must admit some of my favourite books are slow-burners so I’m willing to overlook a so-so opening chapter, providing there’s a hint of promise to come. Having said that, you can’t beat an opening that absolutely knocks your socks off and begs you to keep reading. The hard bit for the author is keeping up that momentum to the final page. All the books below not only have great openings, they’re great books full stop. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen An oldie but a goodie, this chapter tops lists as one of the best openings in literature for excellent reason! Witty and hilarious from the word go, it opens with Mrs. Bennet breathlessly informing her husband of the eligible new tenant at nearby Netherfield Park and the possible implications for her ‘girls’. I adore the power play in Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s relationship and it’s established beautifully here. Just perfect. We Were Liars by E Lockhart Stylish, poetic and economical, this moody one-pager is a thing