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Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu

Before he was Batman, he was Bruce Wayne. A reckless boy willing to break the rules for a girl who may be his worst enemy.

The Nightwalkers are terrorizing Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is next on their list.

One by one, the city's elites are being executed as their mansions' security systems turn against them, trapping them like prey. Meanwhile, Bruce is turning eighteen and about to inherit his family's fortune, not to mention the keys to Wayne Enterprises and all the tech gadgetry his heart could ever desire. But after a run-in with the police, he's forced to do community service at Arkham Asylum, the infamous prison that holds the city's most brutal criminals.

Madeleine Wallace is a brilliant killer . . . and Bruce's only hope.

In Arkham, Bruce meets Madeleine, a brilliant girl with ties to the Nightwalkers. What is she hiding? And why will she speak only to Bruce? Madeleine is the mystery Bruce must unravel. But is he getting her to divulge her secre…
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Blog Tour: Traitor by David Hingley review

Today I am incredibly pleased to be hosting a stop on the Traitor blog tour. I love good historical fiction and I love novels with an awesome female lead and this series has both. Also it's one of those series that is really strong from book to book which made me so very impatient between books as I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next one.

 May 1665. With winter passed, Mercia Blakewood is at last headed back to England from America, hoping to leave behind the shadow cast by death and heartache. She expects a welcome from the King considering her earlier mission at his behalf, but the reception she receives after her long voyage home could hardly be called warm. With the country now at war with the Dutch, the Crown has decided that Mercia is an asset to be used once again. More manipulation lies ahead as Mercia must accept a clandestine role at the heart of the glittering and debauched royal court to unmask a spy and traitor.
My thoughts I loved this book. I wa…

New year goals

I'm not a huge one for resolutions but this year I've been thinking a lot about 2017 and I want to do better in 2018.

These are the things I want to do and achieve in 2018 in no particular order. All of them are linked to me wanting to be healthier, use my time better and save money.

Run 5k faster.
I started couch to 5k in September 2016. It took a lot longer than the nine weeks promised to get to the point where I could run 5k, 16 months to be exact, but considering how slow I run and my previously broken leg I'm quite happy that I've finally got to the point where I can actually run 5k. Ideally I want to start doing park run but I want to get my time down from the 48 mins I'm currently running 5k in to closer to 30 mins so that I'm not the last over the line by a long margin.
Swim more
I have a swim membership. I love swimming. I need to make time to go at least once a week.
Eat healthier
I'm generally pretty good with the meals we prepare at home in the eveni…

Five Star adult reads of 2017

These are my five star YA reads of 2017. There's no surprise that most of these are historical fiction as I've been embracing my inner historical geek completely this year.

The House of Secrets by Sarra Manning
I love a novel that splits between past and present and this is by of my favourite authors. I loved it.

The last piece of my heart by Paige Toon
I love Paige's books completely and this was no exception. Gorgeous and lovely all the way through.

The Girl from the Savoy by Hazel Gaynor I loved this book because of the setting. I'm a sucker for 1920s anything so this was perfect for me. 

Radio Girls by Sarah Jane Straford Another interwar novel I adored. I was particularly fascinated by this because it looked at the history of the BBC and had some links to the suffragette movement. 

The wages of sin by Kaite Welsh I loved this book. It is the story of a female trainee doctor in Victorian Scotland. I am a ridiculous history geek for medical history and I loved this as a …

Five Star YA reads of 2017

These are my five star YA reads of 2017. I can't do a top ten. I read far more than the average person so asking me to cut this is cruelty at best. Book blogger cruelty. There's no surprise that most of these are UKYA titles.

Margot and Me by Juno Dawson.
I love novels that alternate between past and present and I always love Juno's writing. This was perfect for me

All about Mia by Lisa Williamson
I loved Mia as a character and read this in pretty much one sitting. Full of heart and just lovely.

Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt
I loved this book mostly because it appealed to my inner book geek. Loved the cameos from some of my favourite UKYA authors. I adored Aiden far too much as well. Lovely gorgeous boy.

The State of Grace by Rachel Lucas
I loved this book for the insight it gave me into someone living with aspergers. I loved Grace and it was a thoroughly cracking YA novel.

Seven days of you by Cecilia Vinesse
I just thought this was super cute and thoroughly enjoyed it.


books I can't wait to read in 2018

I have an extensive list of books I can't wait to read that are released in 2018. It is ridiculously long as you'll see. I tend to keep myself a list so I know what to look out for each month on the library catalogue so I can get my reservations in early but I thought I'd share it on here for anyone who is interested to add to your wishl lists.

There's a lot of UKYA titles. There are  also a few more adult titles than in previous years as I've found myself discovering more and more adult authors over the last twelve months.

So without further ado here are the titles I'm hoping to get my hands on over the coming year


I'm most excited for
The endless beach by Jenny Colgan. I only discover Jenny's books last year and binge read much of her backlist and love them all.

I also can't wait to read more from these authors
Bad girls with perfect faces by Lynn Weingarten
The truth and lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr
On a beautiful day by Lucy Diamond

picture books for Christmas

I love this time of year because this is when I get lots of lovely picture books dropping through my door. I seem to only be offered them in the lead up to Christmas because of course books make fantastic presents and I'm always glad to take them for review because I love a great picture book. This year I've had a wonderful selection arrive and wanted to share a few with you in case you were looking for present ideas for small people.

The selection of books I have received this year have been aimed at a variety of ages, fiction and non fiction and I've loved every single one of them.

Illumanatomy by Kate Davis

I loved illumanatomy. It comes with a viewer which is a big like those 3D glasses you had as a kid in the 90s except each eye hole is a different colour. Depending on which colour you look through you can see different layers of the human body. I did find the red layer harder to see than the others and I think therefore it's not necessarily the book to read in su…