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Blog Tour author Guest Post: The inspiration behind No Country by Joe Brady and Patrice Aggs

 Today I am delighted to have a guest post from author Joe Brady talking about the inspiration for the brilliant new graphic novel No Country The reasons for writing No Country were the situation with refugees from Syria, the nativist reaction to it in the UK and elsewhere, and what I felt was a general empathy deficit around the whole crisis. The stories of refugees have filled the news in the UK for years, and they are so powerfully compelling. But when looking at them from our perspective, they all have the same narrative bias: people fleeing somewhere far away to come here. In this light, even the most sympathetic news stories could be read as saying to viewers that the UK is the destination. It establishes the illusion that this is the good place, and other places are falling apart. It creates an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ with a clear hierarchy - it makes us seem better than them, more successful than them, and gives us a permission structure to feel superior to other nations, and therefo
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It's been a while blogger just to let you know I'm still here. I'm still reading books. Probably more than ever since I actually bought a kindle in a panic after I ran out of library books but I'm not on here so much at the moment. If you want to find me on the internet where I am chatting about the books I'm reading go to Instagram or twitter @overflowingklc or  goodreads kirsty at the overflowing library Who know I might be back on here at some point - lockdown has increased my workload and my screen time a lot so not really feeling up to more time blogging but I am still reviewing and reading loads

Blog tour: The Secret Seaside Escape by Heidi Swain

Escape to the seaside with the brand new novel from Heidi Swain, the Sunday Times bestselling author of feel-good women’s fiction! Tess Tyler needs a break. Weighed down by her high-pressure job and her demanding father, she’s left little time to take care of herself. But after a shocking discovery sends her spiralling, she flees to Wynmouth, the seaside town she fell in love with as a child, to escape it all. With its sandy beaches, stunning rock pools and welcoming community, Tess feels like she can finally breathe again. And as she grows ever closer to local barman Sam, she dares to dream that she might never return to her real life. But when a familiar face returns to town, Tess realises that there are secrets in Wynmouth too, and that her own past may be about to catch up with her . . . The Secret Seaside Escape  is the perfect read this summer, promising sandy beaches, stunning rockpools and breath-taking romance. Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews and Sa

My favourite books of 2019

I can't quite believe we are at the end of the year again and I'm picking my favourite books again but here we are. I can't make this a top 10 list and don't particularly want to. This list features all of the books I've rated 5 stars this year. This list very much shows off the type of reader I've become over the past 10 years of fiction focusing particularly on contemporary fiction (both YA and adult) although I am surprised that there isn't more historical fiction on the list as I love that just as much. Women's fiction The Cornish Cream Tea Bus by Cressida McLaughlin I loved this book because the story was lovely and featured all the cakes and I basically want to be Charlie. There's a sequel(ish) coming next year and I'm already beyond excited for it. Messy wonderful us by Catherine Isaac One of those books that transport you to the setting and make you desperate to visit. I loved it. Living my best life by Claire Frost

Blog Tour: Love songs for sceptics by Christina Pishiris

I am delighted today to be part f the blog tour for Christina Pishrirs's brilliant book love songs for sceptics. I was lucky enough to read a copy a while back and found myself hooked to every page as I rooted for the main character from the outset. I have been asked today to share my favourite sceptical love songs and after lots of deliberating I've picked one song that I think fits the bill from Striking Matches a band I am currently obsessed with after seeing them live in London over half term. The song I've picked is Make a Liar out of me which I really think fits the bill of a sceptical love song and the video I've picked is an acoustic recording of them which shows off how brilliant the duo are. When she was thirteen, ZoĆ« Frixos fell in love with Simon, her best friend and the boy next door. Though they’ve been friends for over twenty years, she’s never found a way to tell him how she feels. Now Simon is returning to London, newly divorced and as deva

Snowed in at the practice by Penny Parkes

Welcome to the Larkford Surgery in the Cotswolds, the heart of a tightknit community as well as a hotbed of drama, rivalry, resentment and romance - and that's just the doctors …   Dr Holly Graham is finding life with two sets of twins exhausting. Even with husband Dr Taffy Jones and devoted friend Elsie by her side, she is completely outnumbered. Making the transition back to work will be no easy feat but a regular slot on Radio Larkford as their on-air doctor might be the perfect stepping stone, until an unexpected job offer changes everything.   Dr Alice Walker’s  new canine clinic at Larkford Surgery with Coco, her assistance dog, has been a storming success. If only shipping her best friend,  Dr Tilly Grainger , in from South America to cover for Holly had been such a smooth transition. It seems that Tilly isn’t finding life in the peaceful Cotswolds valley as rewarding as she’d hoped, and she is causing chaos .. I discovered The Larkford Series about a year ago and read

The Christmas Wishlist by Heidi Swain

After being let go from her job in a swanky hotel just weeks before Christmas, Hattie is feeling lost. Even more so when her high-flying boyfriend announces he’s landed his dream job in Abu Dhabi and asks her to move with him. Luckily, Hattie’s long-time friend Dolly is on hand to help and invites Hattie to spend one last holiday in the small, festive town of Wynbridge, determined to give her a Christmas to remember . . . Upon Hattie’s arrival, holiday preparations are in full swing. But for Hattie, whose Christmas cheer has long since run out, it’ll take more than mince pies and mistletoe to open her heart to the season once more. Relishing the task of reigniting Hattie’s Christmas spirit, Dolly suggests they create a wish list of all the things the season can offer, and with the helpful hands of Wynbridge’s resident handyman, Beamish, Hattie finds her frosty exterior is starting to thaw. As Wynbridge prepares for its most spectacular Christmas yet, will Hattie leave snowy En