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Blog Tour: Return to Half Moon Farm by Holly Hepburn


Discover the beautiful, escapist new novel from beloved author, Holly Hepburn...

When Daisy’s mother falls ill she is forced to return home. With her twin sons in tow, she moves back to Half Moon Farm, her family’s ancient hop farm.

But a new life in the Kent countryside isn’t necessarily as idyllic as it might seem. Daisy’s relationship with her mother is complicated and the tumbledown farm isn’t the only thing that needs rebuilding. Daisy and her sons must adjust to life with estranged family, a leaking roof, and no WiFi.

Luckily for Daisy, she might yet find some distraction in silver fox farmer, Drew, or in the haughty heir to the nearby estate, Kit, who she can’t seem to avoid.

Daisy must learn to juggle her new life, the boys, and the daunting task of updating the farm. But there are secrets lurking in her family’s past that might throw everything into further disarray…

My Thoughts

I am always delighted to get my hands on a copy of the latest release from Holly Hepburn as I always know I am in for a treat. I am pleased to say that my excitement for 2024's release was not unfounded and I had a thoroughly lovely time reading this book.

This book is the story of Daisy. We meet Daisy at the start of the book as she arrives back at Half Moon Farm. She's reluctantly back with her twin boys in tow after several years of avoiding the place as her mother has been ill and needs some support.

There were several things I loved about this book. 

I enjoyed how this book focused on a chapter in Daisy's life when she has had to start again and find herself. She's back at her childhood home, recently divorced and faced with dealing with an elderly parent she hasn't spent much time with over the years. I loved seeing how she uses the time to build a new relationship not only with her mother but also herself and has the time take stock and think about what she actually wants from life. I think this will resonate with a lot of women in similar situations who have spent years just doing the same thing because that is what they do and not necessarily because they want to. It was so lovely to see her confidence build across the book and see her lean into the person she wanted to be.

Being the particular kind of history geek that I am I loved the connection the book had to World War Two through the letters Daisy finds of her grandmother's. I loved uncovering the family history with her through those letters and getting that glimpse into the past. 

Of course it isn't a Holly Hepburn book without a hot male lead or two. Shortly after Holly arrives at Half Moon Farm Daisy is introduced to two men from the village. Silver Fox Drew is a local farmer who has been helping Daisy's mother and quickly becomes keen to spend time with Daisy too. Kit appears in Daisy's life after a small car accident and appears to be the very grumpy Lord of the Manor who Daisy can't seem to avoid even though she really tries to. I loved seeing the how that relationships that Daisy develops with the two men are so very different and couldn't wait to see how things played out.

All in all a perfect book for hiding away from the weather with snuggled up with a blanket and a hot chocolate. I loved it.