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Blog Tour: Maybe Tomorrow by Penny Parkes


A story of friendship, possibilities and hope that maybe tomorrow will be brighter than today . . .

Jamie Matson had once enjoyed a wonderful life working alongside her best friend, organising adventures for single-parent families, and her son Bo’s artistic flair a source of pride rather than concern.

She hadn’t been prepared to lose her business, her home and her friend. Not all in one dreadful year.

Jamie certainly hadn’t expected to find such hope and camaraderie in the queue at her local food bank. Thrown together with an unlikely and colourful group of people, their friendships flourish and, finding it easier to be objective about each other than about themselves, they decide that – when you’re all out of options – it’s okay to bend the rules a little and create your own.

What a difference a year could make . . . 

It is not a secret I am a Penny Parkes fan. I have waited for this book with great anticipation and I was so very excited to read it. I'm glad to say it did not disappoint.

This book is the story of Jamie and her boy Bo. Jamie is anyone of us. Pre pandemic she had a good career and was doing ok. Then everything went wrong and she found herself through no fault of her own relying on a foodbank parcels and struggling to make ends meet and despite working as hard as she it is never quite enough. I think this is resonate with a lot of readers because getting a glimpse into Jamie's circumstances really showed how with a slight change in fortunate any of us could end up in a similar position. 

I loved what this book had to say about friendship and found family. Early on in the book Jamie finds herself a new set of friends who are also foodbank users and they quickly form a bond. I loved seeing the support they all gave each other and how important those new friendship became in such a short space of time. 

A brilliant read which is full of heart and emotion and  will leave you with a lot to think about.

This book highlights the important and vital work carried out by foodbanks. If you have some pennies to spare my local foodbank does such a service to people locally and would love any donations to help support their work. Find them at 

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