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Books I have previously Loved: The Sally Lockhart series by Philip Pullman

The Sally Lockhart Series by Philip Pullman
Read it for The British Books Challenge

These posts let me ramble on about books I've never going to have time to reread but ones I want to tell you all about because I love them.

If I dare to say it I think I loved Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart series more than His Dark Materials. They appea to the historian in me as you get a real sense of the world in which Sally lives in whilst reading them. I loved finding out more about the world of Victorian England and found myself immersed in Sally's day to day life.

What I particularly love about these books is how brilliant Sally is as a character. She is so fesity in a world in which she is expected to be meek and mild. Whilst I loved the whole series for me the third book is where she really comes into her own. I loved seeing how she dealt with seemily impossible situations when all of the odds were stacked against her.

The fourth book is more of a spin off than anything else but again it appealed to the history geek inside of me set in 19th century (almost) Germany. Having spent many a year studying the political ins and outs of that era I loved the little micro history you got through it.

All in all a series which is well worth a look. Even the TV series with Billie Piper was pretty good (despite the questionable casting in places)

Books 1 Ruby in the Smoke
Book 2 Shadow in the North
Book 3 Tiger in the Well
Book 4 The Tin princess


Jules said…
I've never read this series but I really did enjoy his Dark Materials trilogy.

If I ever get time I might have to check these out :)
Ria said…
You know, I read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, but I never did read any of Pullman's other books, even though I meant to. Maybe I'll have to rectify that situation this year. :)
I read these books after His Dark Materials and I remember readng Ruby in the Smoke and waiting for some fantasy alternate universe or something more MAGICAL to happen. And I just kept waiting for it .. until I stopped waiting and swept into these fab characters and the story. Without any fantasy at all. Still an amazing series :)