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Bookcase Showcase: Josh Stanton

Big thank you for having me Kirsty and allowing me to share my strange order of books.

So, my bookcase isn’t arranged alphabetically, but kind of chronologically. So, my top shelf is the
books I read when I was a teenager, and a little after too. Darren Shan (One signed copy sitting on the shelf there) and Charlie Higson were a bit later, when I got to Uni, and really want to write horror for teens. This carried on, where I wanted to be the best horror writer ever. So, I started
collecting as much Stephen King as I could. I haven’t read all of his tomes yet. But I will. I keep the
Stephen King’s together by their covers. So, old tatty ones I’ve picked up in charity shops/library
sales at the front. Then nice colourful ones.And then his serious ones.

So, I really really got into horror. Horrible disgusting horror, like Brian Keene and Richard Laymon. It
was probably them who turned my stomach to think, maybe I should write something… a bit more
fun. So, I went back to my roots, and looked what I really enjoyed, chose to like when I was younger,
and then re-got into Steampunkyness and science fiction. So, I keep these all together. My Kindle has
a lot of classic science fiction, like the collection of Orwell and Verne. And a lot of free ebooks that I
have picked up, and will read, at some point.

Then I keep all the miscellaneous kind of books and hardbacks that I haven’t got round to arranging in some kind of order. This includes a few copies of my own books (The little ones before Making
Mone), I had made thanks to Lulu. And on the bottom, I have a little corner of comedy writing and
jokes. And then all my nonfictiony stuff, like a lot of how to’s and writing guides.

Now.Bookcase two.

So, apart from my collection of books, I also read tons of manga. These are all sorted alphabetically
and numerically. A proper order. They’re all arranged from going bottom to top in piles, otherwise I
wouldn’t have the room for them all.

And the last two bottom ones. More manga.But not nearly enough. At the bottom I keep my writing
magazines. And the empty space is usually reserved for library books, but I figure I better catch up
with what I have before I go back to that treasure trove again.

You can find me blogging about steampunk and writing on my website: or
follow my thoughts on twitter @joshuastanton