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Review: Split Second by Sophie McKenzie

Split Second by Sophie MacKenzie
Published by Simon and Schuster

Goodreads Synopsis
Bound together by the devastating consequences of a terrorist attack on a London market, teenagers Charlotte (Charlie) and Nat appear at first to have much in common. But, as Charlie gets closer to Nat and his family, she begins to wonder if perhaps he knows more about the attack than he has let on. Split Second is an action-packed thriller that shifts between the perspectives of its two main characters as their courage and their loyalties are tested to the limit.

My thoughts
I loved split second. It was fast paced, chilling and fascinating and had me completely hooked from the first to the last page.

Split second is set in the near distant future imagining a Britain where the recession has hit just that little bit harder and looks at the impact it has on British socially and politically through the eyes of two different protagonists Charlie and Nat. I flew through it within a matter of hours and found myself absolutely fascinated by the story.

Britain in the world of split second is a slightly different place to the one we currently live in yet it isn't so far removed that it is completely alien. In the poor economic climate extreme political parties have got a voice within parliament and are growing rapidly. The poor frustrated at the uselessness of the current political system are desperate for answers and prepared to turn to anyone who is offering an alternative.

I found it so fascinating to read as the historian in me could see so many parallels between events in the book and events that have happened in recent history in a very similar way. In that way the book really hooked me as you started to see how and why these more unconventional figures start to get a voice in politics in extreme circumstances.

I really enjoyed getting to know both of the protagonists in this story and loved all the twists and turns that unravelled as the book went on in true Sophie McKenzie style.

A fascinating read which I highly recommend. 

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I have a bunch of Sophie McKenzie books on my pile to read and now I'll have to look out for this book too, sounds fab :)