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No Books Allowed

September you cruel and wicked beast. Back to school for me so not too many adventures to tell you about.

The biggest thing I have been up to is work. I've just started a new year and I am exhausted. I'm not getting up to much at all other than school stuff. It is nice to be busy but I am also very much looking forward to half term already.

I have managed a few days out. I got to go out on a paddle steamer on the broads to celebrate the up and coming wedding of John and Lyndsey (page after page book blog blogger) which looked a bit like this

Lyndsey and I also got out to the East Anglian Blogger Party which was nice to meet other local bloggers (plus we got a fab goody bag)

other than reading I have been doing a little bit of viewing (mostly because I've ended up the month with a rotten head col and had to lay on the sofa in a sorry state).

Firstly we both sat and watched our way through Castle season one and Supernatural season two. I thoroughly enjoyed castle and am slowly starting to warm to supernatural. Also I managed to do a bit of guilty reality TV watching. I caught up on Educating Yorkshire which I must say I find fascinating and allowed the teenager in me to watch through the big reunion on tour.

I was also lent by my loveliest friend in the world Seeking a friend for the end of the world which I knew nothing about and really really enjoyed.

All in all a super busy month for me workwise. Looking forward to getting a bit more time to myself next month.


B Reading said…
Despite the return to school and work it sounds like you have managed to fit in some fun activities too. :)
Sarah said…
The paddle steamer looks fab! I bet that was a fun day out :-) must have been nice to meet up with other local bloggers too! Sorry it's been so bust at school & that you're still full of cold though :-(