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Bookcase Showcase: Bloggger Zoe Crook

Hi everyone, my name is Zoe from the blog, Bookhi ( and I would like to thank the awesome Kirsty for having me here today.
I don’t have as many books as most of the big blogs out there but I still have a fair amount! I have an old rickety bookcase of which my bright books have dazzled it up a bit and I also have various piles around my room. A lot of my books in the past I have swapped, given to charity shops and got out from the library – but now being such an avid reader I can’t bear to part with them! Before I started blogging I read lots but I didn’t read much of a wide range of genres – however now I will read absolutely anything.

I like to keep my bookshelves quite organised. They are not in alphabetical order or anything, but I keep them quite tidy. On the very top shelf is my TBR books (the Hunger Games are there, I must read them soon!) along with the bookmark pots too.

The next shelves down as you might be able to make out are the Harry Potters, bang in the middle. On the third shelf down I keep classics and general old-fashioned books. I have there Enid Blyton stories, The Hobbit, Little Women, Oliver Twist etc. On top of the photo album (currently photo-less) I keep my library books. After that shelf, you can probably see a (scary looking) homemade stuffed teddy, and other various ornaments.

On the bottom shelf I keep my magazines, annuals, stickers and other worthless stuff crammed at the bottom!

Below are various pictures of some of the piles of books I also have dotted around, including even in my bed!

Thanks again to Kirsty for having me!
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Love these posts! =)
Looks like you might need another bookshelf, but then if there is room left I tend to find it's then an excuse to get more books ;)
Wow! I love it... I need to post mine on my blog!

haha I love the amdness of your room Zoe! I used to keep books in my bed too, only stopped when I moved in with the boyfriend! (he thinks its weird!)
*makes a note to put books under bed for extra storage* :D

I love these posts and I have to say I love the labels on the pictures too! :D
Oh I heart you Zoe! Loved looking at your books :)