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In my Mailbox (63)

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This week I got some lovely books for review

The worry tree by Marianne Musgrove (UK paperback)
(for some reason the goodreads bit on this one isn't in English but you can see the lovely Viv's review on there).

The court painter's apprentice by Richard Knight (UK proof)
This is a proof edition and I can't find a picture of the final cover yet. It's published by the mighty catnip in January and has been alikened to early Pullman which I love so very excited to get started on it.

The Dead Ways by Christopher Edge (UK paperback)
I met the lovely Mr Edge back in April at the London book fair and finally got a copy of his book this week (which came out yesterday actually). It is really really creepy and I'm only 2 chapters in.

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (UK paperback)
I have really enjoyed this series so far. Looking forward to getting into this one.

Playground by 50 cent (UK paperback)
This one was sent to me more for school than anything else so I'll be taking it in one of my bags of books for the school library.

The carrier of the mark by Leigh Fallon (UK paperback)
I love the ccover of this one.


The name of the star by Maureen Johnson (UK signed edition)
I preordered this as waterstones had signed copies but have since found out that I might be meeting Maureen soon so this might be up grabs soon. It is a brilliant book.


basma aal said…
I heard great things on The Name of Star. Have to check that myself. Happy reading.
Bella said…
Absolutely LOVED The Name of the Star, I'm so jealous you might be meeting Maureen! Also can't wait for Carrier of the Mark, that looks amazing :) Happy reading Kirsty!
Cicely said…
The Name of the Star is amazing! And I've started Carrier and so far it's great! So jealous that you're meeting Maureen! Hapyy reading :)
Anonymous said…
I agree, The Name of the Star was awesome! I just finished and reviewed it this week. I really want to get my hands on a copy of Carrier of the Mark too. That cover is just awesome!
Great week for books! Carrier of the Mark sounds awesome!
prophecygirl said…
Doesn't The Carrier of the Mark sound great?! Quite excited to read that one.

Happy reading!
iffath said…
Great books Kirsty! YAY for The Name of the Star! Loved that so much! Enjoy :)
great books this week, heard brilliant things about The Worry Tree and ooooo Beautiful Chaos! :D
Jules said…
I loved the name of the star, it was just something a bit different, I couldn't put it down.

Great selection!
The Library Owl said…
Great IMM! I'm so excited for The Name of the Star. I can't wait to get my hands on it :) I hope you enjoy all your books!
B Reading said…
I have passed you an award.
Mel said…
The Name of the Star sounds great - I've heard so many good things - I really want a copy myself!
serendipity_viv said…
The Worry Tree is a great book to be used in schools. I thought it was just right for the worriers! Thanks for the mention.
Anonymous said…
I've heard really good things about The Name of the Star and I'm really excited to read Beautiful Chaos and Carrier of the Mark.
I love the cover for The Worry Tree! It's so pretty!

Hope you enjoy your new books! :)
Shanella said…
I just finished reading The Name of the Star. It was fun! =)

Happy Reading!
Here's my IMM
Anonymous said…
When did your The Name of the Star arrive? I preordered it from Waterstone's too but I haven't received mine. Boo :(
Anonymous said…
When did your The Name of the Star arrive? I preordered it from Waterstone's too but I haven't received mine. Boo :(
Giselle said…
Amazing haul! Carrier of the Mark sounds really great I can't wait to get a copy myself!

Xpresso Reads
P.S. I've also got a new giveaway on my blog for Remembrance if you want to enter.
Bex said…
I've heard really great things about Carrier of the Mark! It looks really good too. I'm starting to get super curious about it! Hope you enjoy your new reads. :)