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Bookcase Showcase: Essjay from My Favourite Books

Hello! I’m Sarah (Essjay) from My Favourite Books and like the rest of us bloggers I’m obsessed by books and bookshops. I think it’s fair to say that my shelving is a little disorganized. I know where everything is (and why!) but I could do with tidying things up a bit.

First off, upstairs in the library (or back bedroom) are the shelves where I put my modern keepers – books I love that are pretty current. This is where I keep my Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, Charlaine Harris and the such. They’re actually alphabetical which I’m quite proud of. The bottom shelf is mostly writing and reference stuff. 

On the other side of these shelves is my To Be Read pile. For some reason the more urgent the book the closer to the floor I put it until they’re almost throwing themselves at me. I used to try and keep it alphabetical but that’s sort of gone by the wayside. The top of these two shelves are books that I’d like to get round to reading at some point but it just hasn’t happened yet. However, having said that I can see at least three books on that top shelf that should be on the bottom one.

Downstairs there are more shelves and one of them houses my much-loved Harry Potter books. Behind them I keep my Philip Pullman, Armistead Maupin and Narnia books. Above that are books on various rock/pop artists and, weirdly, some pop-up books.

Below that I keep a whole load of books that I used at college. They’re mostly classics, some of them I still read. In fact, some of them go back to G.C.S.E so I’m never getting rid of them as they have all sorts of notes and scribbles in the margins.

Having done this I’ve realized that my shelves are a mess. I take back what I said earlier – there’s absolutely no order whatsoever. I know where to find everything, which I suppose is the main thing. Oh dear, I must go and sort them out …

Thank you Kirsty for letting me share my shelves!

Thank you Sarah for sharing your shelves
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pussreboots said…
This my first time seeing your bookcase showcase feature but I like it! What a neat idea. :D
Mel said…
I love your shelves Sarah! I've just spent a good five minutes peering at the books and deciding which ones I'd like to borrow! :-)
Awesome shelves! I wish I had a library (or back bedroom!)
I love looking at other peoples bookshelves. Yours are so neat. Lovely to see Sarahs books :D
serendipity_viv said…
Sarah, thank you for letting us nose around your shelves. They are reall tidy.
KelliumSims said…
The fact that you tried to keep your books alphabetised as a feat in and of itself! I love that you have a 'library' I'm determined to have one, too, when I move out (well, maybe not the first place I get).

Great shelves (:
I love your shelves- I keep seeing books that I want to read. Very organised!
I'm so nosy, I love seeing people's bookshelves! I went shopping for a nice shelf today and could find none that were just asking to hold all my books. Hopefully soon!
Anonymous said…
I have just done exactly what Mel did and had a good nosy at what I'd like to borrow if it were my local library lol. Love your shelves. There are so many books there I'd love to read.
Your shelves are very neat - I can't keep mine in any order (I did try once but failed). I love this feature :D
Essjay said…
Thanks everyone. Am reassured now that everyone has said my shelves look tidy!
Oh what really tidy shelves! Mine would never look like that in a million years. Love the HP bookends.