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Bookcase Showcase: Vicki from Heaven Hell and Purgatory Book reviews

Ahhh Bookcases, the bain of my life right now. I'm in desperate need of another, only my house is so tiny I don't know where I would put it. I have seriously considered getting rid of essential pieces of furniture but I'm not sure how well that would go down with the rest of the household. 

This is my 'big' bookcase which I squeezed into the corner of the living room, shoving the couch along as far as I could to get it in. This one contains mainly YA books, though there are a few adult ones tucked in there too. The pile to the side is my review book pile, which was under control not so long ago (eek) Here's a closer look.

I don't have a set system really for books, other than keeping series/authors together and keeping Hardbacks and paperbacks separate. There's a mix of read and to be reads here, I don't keep them separate otherwise I'd have parts of series here and different authors there and that would bug me. One thing I do do when organising my books is try and colour co-ordinate. It's not working so well now I had to turn the paperbacks on their sides to fit more on though. 

This is also in my living room, although it isn't strictly a book shelf. Well, it's not a book shelf at all actually! There was a hatch there to the kitchen once upon a time which was replaced with this little unit before I moved in. The shelves are only thin and only half the book sits on it and if the books aren't packed tight from edge to edge they fall off, so it's not exactly practical but it has to do right now. I put big series books on here. Notice the top shelf is empty...I did try to fill it but ended up under a shower of books *sigh*

This nifty little bookcase sits in my hall and contains all my pink and girly chicklit books! What's great about this one is that it's really deeps, so the books are all double stacked . It's small but holds a LOT! Very pretty this one!

So this isn't actually MY bookcase, it's my six year old daughters, but I think it may be my favourite in the house. There's so much magic packed onto those shelves! She's always loved stories and won't part with her picture books, but she's also a great little reader herself and has recently started to read her own little novels all by herself. I love getting her books I remember loving as a child (a couple of them are from when I was a child) and she's got Harry potter there for when she's ready, she's already a huge fan.

I do have one last book shelf area, tucked away in the cupboard under the stairs which mainly has Adult books, Classics, Text books, Cookery books and Non Fiction. But this cupboard is also the dumping ground for hundreds of pairs of shoes, coats, toys, hoover, ironing board, ironing pile...etc and NO-ONE is seeing that mess! I'm going to be out of space soon though and desperately wish I had a room just for books *that would be awesome* because boxing up/getting rid makes me sad. In the meantime though, do I really need two sofas in the living room......?

Thanks Kirsty for inviting me to take part in Bookcase Showcase!


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Thank you Vicki for showing us your shelves. If you would like to be featured in a future Bookcase Showcase please contact me (details are on the bookcase showcase page) as I would love to feature you!


I LOVE looking at bookcases. Is that strange? I'm in the middle of getting another one to sort some books out so I'll have to post that when I finish.

You have so many great books! :)
Mel said…
Ooo, colour-co-ordinating books - I hadn't thought of that method...I may have to rethink my bookshelves! Thanks for giving us an sight to your books... I'm starting to think that every house/flat should come with a seperate library room the same way thay all have bathrooms - it's obviously an essential! :-)
serendipity_viv said…
I like all the chick lit ones together in their own special place. I could just make out Catherine Alliot - I love her books.
Vicki can I come visit you and raid your bookcases? they look awesome! especially your little girls! it really does look magical!
Thank you for sharing! x
Jules said…
It looks so organised!

I love having a peek at other people's bookcases :)
Cicely said…
I love your bookshelves! So pretty and organised... ;D And your girls bookshelves are so cute! When I was younger my bookshelf was so lame... It was practically all Rainbow Magic ;)
KelliumSims said…
I didn't think I would like having my to-read books separate from the rest for the same reasons as you, but when I moved them a few weeks ago I got over it quicker than I expected.

Your shelves look so neat and pretty! I've no idea how you keep them so organised.

I constantly consider getting rid of furniture to make room for books, too. I think we have a serious problem :p
Oh Vicki I love your bookcases - you are so neat. L bookcase is so cute and reading HP at 6 ;D <3
Madigan Mirza said…
Wow. Tours of other people's bookshelves are one of my favorite things ever. Now I'll have to check out all the earlier entries in this awesome feature you've got!

I love that one shelf with all the books with black covers on them. That looks so awesome. Oh! And a totally full bookcase with a stack of books piled next to it? Guilty as charged.

Thanks for sharing.
Krystal said…
Oh, I love your daughters book shelf! So fun! My 6 year old daughter has taken over my bookshelves along with the one in her room. She loves picture books, and novels. She has Rainbow Magic Fairy books, Geronimo Stilton, and her fave - Harry Potter!

Great shelves, thanks for sharing!
What fabulous bookcases you have! I love seeing these, except - wow, how tidy are they?! My favourite of course is your daughter's, it just looks so pretty. But I also love your series shelves. And how much would I love one of those little shelves that look tiny but can be filled with SO many books?! Thank you so much for sharing :)
All the bookcases look so neat!!
I love your little girls book case too, so bright!