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In my mailbox (48)

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This week I didn't get many books but the ones I got are awesome!

I got ...

Numbers 3 Infinity by Rachel Ward (UK paperback)

I cannot wait to get started on thsi one. I loved book 2 and need to know what happens next and how it all ends!

What happened to goodbye by Sarah Dessen (UK paperback)

I haven't read any Sarah Dessen in a good few years but the times I have I have loved it. Probably one I'll start pretty soon too.

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Dessen (UK paperback)

I have to admit I am not a fan of Alyxandra Harvey's other series at all but I have high hopes for this one.


serendipity_viv said…
Just going to sob in a corner over Haunting Violet! I need that book!
Lauren said…
Oooh, the new Sarah Dessen. I've read mixed reviews so far but I personally can't wait to read it. She's just brilliant.
Anonymous said…
I've not read any of Alyxandra Harvey's books yet but I did get The Drake Chronicles this week and I'm looking forward to starting it. Is that the series you didn't enjoy too much?

Haunting Violet does sound excellent and I've seen quite a few bloggers receive this over the last week or two. Hope you enjoy.

Numbers 3 - Yay! I've only read numbers 1 so far but I do have the other two here waiting.
Great Mailbox. I got the first Numbers book so I'm very excited to read that, and I'll look out for your thoughts on Haunting Violet. x
TheBookMogul said…
I got Haunting Violet too, I got excited when I opened this. Hope you enjoy your books.
The Library Owl said…
What Happened To Goodbye and Number 3 look great. I've only read the first Numbers but loved it so Ican't wait to continue the series! I hope you enjoy them all :)
Excellent book week. Looking forward to your review of the Sarah Dessen one :D
Lesley said…
Haunting Violet looks really good, I hope you enjoy it.

Really need to get started on Numbers series! Happy reading
I received Haunting Violet as well, and I'm not a fan of the Drake Chronicles either. But HV does sound really good! I love the cover xD

Have a great week Kirsty!
Books of Amber
Katie said…
Haven't heard of Numbers yeat, but I'll check it out. I heard much about "what happened to goodbye" and "Haunting Violet" and can't wait for your reviews.

I'm a new follower btw.

I've been wanting to pick up What Happened to Goodbye as well. Then I went to the store, and forgot.

Nice books this week.

New follower by the way.

Mel said…
Some times it is the quality not the quanitity that counts! I haven't started on the Numbers series yet but it does sound good.
Anonymous said…
I recently finished What Happened to Goodbye, I loved it!

I'm really wanting to read Haunting Violet.

New follower.
P.E. said…
All books I want to read. I recently read my first Sarah Dessen book and I'm excited for more. Haunting Violet also looks good... have fun reading!

I think What Happend to Goodbye might turn out to be my first Dressen - hope you like it!

-Linds, bibliophile brouhaha
The first one looks interesting, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about it as my boyfriend made me read/watch a Japanese manga called DEATH NOTE which has a similar premise and was pretty fabulous.

I've never read any Sarah Dessen either, but everyone seems to rave about her. One day!
Ina said…
Haunted violet has a stunning cover.
Hi there,

new follower.

I will read Haunting Violet. I have read The Drake Chronicles and I think her writing gets better. I thought they were nice easy reads and I did like the brothers:D

Great mailbox - I love the sound of What happened to goodbye and I need to check out the Numbers series.

Happy Reading :D
I have had Chaos (Numbers 2) on my nightstand for ages. I really need to get on it. Nice IMM.
AHHHH. I have the first two Numbers books on my TBR shelves. Have had them there for at least a year, if not longer. And now the third book in the series is out. I'm feeling the pressure now, really must get to them..