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Waiting on Wednesday: Numbers 3: Infinity by Rachel Ward

While I wasn't a fan of the first book in the series I loved the second one so I really can't wait for this one to come out.

Numbers 3: Infinity by Rachel Ward
Published by Chicken House June 2011

Post-Chaos 2029. Adam, Sarah and Mia are living together, struggling with the fame of seeing numbers - the dates when people will die. But something is about to tear them apart. During The Chaos Mia swapped her number for another. Suddenly her powerful new ability makes her a terrifying target. Everyone wants to live for ever.


l still have the first one of this to read and it sounds really good. I didn't know there was a 3rd one due out!
I love how the overs stick to a theme
I've still got to read the first one. Heard mixed reviews about this series- glad to hear the second one is better.
Anonymous said…
I still have to read the first one, but I'm looking forward to starting the series. I love the fact it's set in England.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said…
I have just this week read and loved the first one and put the second one on hold at my library. I can't wait to read it and then the third! Yay.