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Bookcase Showcase: Raimy from readaraptor

Today's Bookcase Showcase features the shelves of Raimy from

My book aren’t really in any order, the black one was the first one I bought at uni (I had built in bookshelves until then) and I left one shelf out so the bottom was bigger for my hardback books. As you can see though, all my hardbacks didn’t fit so some of them are elsewhere. I recently tried to put everything in some kinda order and ended up putting genres together but they are still a bit mixed up.

On my first case you have my bigger books on the top and bottom shelves. A lot of these are books for my university course so you have David Crystals The Encyclopaedia of the English Language, my dictionaries and my copies of The Norton Anthology of Poetry/English Literature/ Shakespeare on here. Try not to be impressed with the Japanese and Bulgarian language books… I still can’t speak either language!
My favourite shelf has to be the one above the bottom one. That is the home of my favourite YA books and my manga books. If you haven’t read the Megatokyo manga comics, you totally should! These books are mainly the ones that I’ve hard for years and I will never give away!
You may notice that I have a gap on one of these shelves – that wasn’t there before my sister came to visit and It best be filled as soon as I see her again because I want my beloved Entangled back!

The second bookcase again holds hardbacks on the top shelf. It really bugs me that the whole of my Noughts and Crosses series isn’t together but the hardbacks won’t fit with the paperbacks! I need better bookcases! This is the case that holds my favourite adult books (along with some YA) and its home to my collection of English Language books that I bought under the pretence of them being for uni, but in reality they just fascinate me!
You may have noticed dotted around my shelves are my “Classic Literature” books… I’m not gunna lie, I bought them for uni and a lot of them are only half read! And that bottom shelf there? The one with Twilight on it… nearly every one of those books are not read yet, including two and three of Twilight…
I have a couple of little bits on my shelves to make them look livelier… My canvas that has the dinosaurs (which won’t surprise any of you who know me!) on it is an Edward Monkton love story! And my dolls are from Tim Burton’s movies as you probably know. I love Tim Burton; I have his autobiography and his collection of short stories somewhere among all these books!

As you can see my books are spilling out into piles on my floor (which is a bit worrying when you have pet rats that run around!) but in my defence the Halo and Mass Effect books on the first pile are NOT mine, they are my boyfriends! I will get a new bookcase soon!
Thank you for snooping around my bookshelves and for Kirsty for doing this awesome feature! I can’t wait to see more! 

Thank you Raimy

Please contact me if you would like to be featured in a future bookcase showcase and feel free to display my button (made by the wonderful asamum) on your blog!


Mel said…
I love looking at others bookshelves here!

Really intriguing to see your hardback books at the top of the shelves - for some reason I always think they should be closer to the floor - maybe it's the scientist in me not make the bookcase top heavy! Works well though! :-)
Cicely said…
Great bookshelves! I love snooping around other people's books ;D And I love the Tim Burton dolls and the Dinosaur canvas! :D
serendipity_viv said…
Nice to see a few adult books too. I like to read both.
prophecygirl said…
Nice shelves Raimy. You have a great mix of stuff - very cool. Also, I want your Narnia boxset... I collect them and don't have that one ;)
Anonymous said…
I spied plenty of great books on your shelves Raimy!
Thanks for all your comments! and the Kirsty for showcasing my bookshelves! Oh how I wish they looked like this atm (I'm moving house so some books are in boxes!)
I lvoe seeing other peoples shelves :D
I love your bookshelves - everyone puts my organisation system to shame lol :D
I was *totally* impressed by the Japanese and Bulgarian language books until you said.. Wonderful bookshelves, I absolutely adore spying like this!

I admit, I was expecting to see dinosaurs as well, but I can see how there's so little space on your shelves for anything but books!