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Bookcase Showcase: Clare @autumnbutturfly

Today I am featuring Clare's bookcase showcase. Clare isn't a blogger (yet!) but someone I regularly chat on on twitter about books. Follow her here and

These are my bookshelves, I currently have two, six shelved bookcases. I change the way I order my bookshelves regularly but this is how I have them at this moment in time.

At the top of my left bookshelf I have my Faerie Poppet statues and below that my classics. Some of these are folio books or modern books associated with classical novels. Below that are my school books and revision guides -- kind of in a mess right now!
Then we have my manga shelf. I have four series's on the go right now and I'm going to need more space pretty soon! "Real-life" genre comes below that, this includes any autobiographies I have. It also holds my Gilmore Girls DVDs which provide the separator to any books I have borrowed from the library or my friends. Finally there's my bigger books that don't have much order and my pet books.
On my right bookcase there's more ornaments at the top, then we have my young children books... mostly taken up by Linda Chapman, who was my favourite childhood author! There's also some of my favourite Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson books there too. Below that are some Teenage/YA romance and a couple of YA Fantasy's spilling over.

 I have two shelves of YA Fantasy/Romance because that's my favourite genre. It is ever growing and some I have lent out. Below that there are various other big books, notebooks and boxes!
As you can see I have two boxes packed full of books, which is the simple reason why I'm going to be getting another bookcase very soon. I will most likely have a TBR shelf on there, since it can be quite difficult remembering what I have read and what I haven't! Thanks for touring my bookshelves!

Thank you Clare for your bookshelf tour!

If you would like to be featured in a future Bookcase Showcase please look at this page for details as I would be delighted to have you!


Bailey said…
So nice and organized! Clare, will you come over and organize my shelves? ;)
Mel said…
I love some of the book you have on your shelves - I really need to get my hands on the Hunger Games! :)
Anonymous said…
Definitely not messy shelves! They are really tidy. Love the little fairy ornaments :D
Wow, very nice tidy shelves there! featuring many awesome books and many that I really want to read!
thanks for showing off your bookshelves! x
Tara Martin said…
I wish my bookshelves were so organized!
I love the fairies & you are so well organised :D
Oh wow!
Great books and it's so tidy. I love how all the series are in order too =)
Essjay said…
Your shelves are so beautiful and well organised. They put mine to shame!