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Thank you to The Story Siren for hosting IMM

I have two lots of IMM's in this post as I didn't do one last week because I had the Jace Letter blog hunt up instead last Sunday. Over the past two weeks I have had some awesome books which I would love to gush over but as I have Ofsted in school tomorrow I can't just yet : (

Flawless by Lara Chapmam (UK paperback)
Tales of Terror from the Black Ship by Chris Priestley  (UK paperback)
Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley (UK paperback)
Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's mouth by Chris Priestley (UK paperback)
I won these three from book chick city
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (UK paperback)
Pretty Twisted by Gina Blaxill (UK paperback)
set in Norfolk yay!
The Brides Farewell by Meg Rosoff (UK paperback)
Passion by Lauren Kate (Manuscript)
The 10pm question by Kate de Goldi (UK hardback)
Tiger's curse by Colleen Houck (UK paperback)
The cover for this one is beautiful

I got all of these yesterday in London whilst at the blogger meet up (which I had a wonderful time at)

These ones were given to me by my fab blogging friend Sarah from feeling fictional
Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins (UK paperback)
Life an Exploded Diagram by Mal Peet (UK proof)
Another one set in Norfolk
The Guardian Angel's Journal by Carolyn Jess-Cooke (UK paperback)
Leaving paradise by Simone Elkeles (US paperback)
Before I fall by Lauren Oliver (UK signed paperback)
Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens (US paperback)
Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw (UK signed paperback)
Blackwatch by Jenna Burtenshaw (UK signed paperback)

Paraside barn by Victor Watson (UK paperback)
I was given this by the lovely Non from Catnip who met us in London and am so excited to read it.
Clarity by Kim Harrington (US hardback)
I've been looking forward to this for ages!


Lesley said…
Wow thats tonnes! I'm very jealous that you have Passion by Lauren Kate I really want to read that!


Good luck!
Sounds as if it was a fantastic day. Brilliant books this week. I really like the sound of Clarity :D ENJOY
Good Luck with OFSTED
Mia said…
WOW! Awesome haul! :D You've got Wintercraft, I'm just dying to read that! I hope you enjoy them :)

Check out my IMM this week!

Happy Reading!
The Library Owl said…
Wow! You got some great books this week. Love the cover for the UK Unearthly and Tiger's Curse. I hope you enjoy them all :)
Yiota said…
Totally checking out the Black Ship!
And i got Wintercraft too XD

Splash of our Worlds Mailbox
Debbie said…
Can't believe you got hold of the Passion manuscript; jealous!
Oh my gosh- you got soooo many great books- I'm jealous! I'm still waiting to get hold of Unearthly, and many others! Enjoy!
Wow!! So many lovely new books!

I'm very jealous of everyone that got Passion this week - it looks fab! I've heard good things about The Bride's Farewell so look forward to your review.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow! What a fabulous haul! I am so jealous of Pretty Twisted. It sounds really good and I love the cover of Tigers Curse!

They all look fab and I hope you enjoy them!
iffath said…
SO jealous of your books this week Kirsty! I'm dying to read unearthly (though not too keen on the UK cover) and Clarity!

Happy reading! :))
Helena said…
Now that's a nice selection! Wow! I hope you like them.
Book Blather said…
Very cool list! Boy has the cover for Unearthly changed, I like it though. I've heard great stuff about Heavenly and Clarity. Oh, and Simone Elkeles (drool!) - there's a sequel to LP.

Enjoy your reading!
Awesome haul! I can't wait to read passion. Have a great week!
Bella said…
Clarity is really good! I really enjoyed it and the cover is so pretty :) I have Unearthly, I love that cover it is so gorgeous :) And I can't wait to read Flawless, I also got it this week :) Happy reading!
Majanka said…
I really want Raising Demons, Wintercraft, Blackwatch, Passion and those Tales of Terror books. Wonderful haul of books you got here! Enjoy reading.

Take a look at what's in my Mailbox this week!

I'm a new GFC follower btw ;)
Unknown said…
I've heard really good things about the Fallen series. I have fallen but I still haven't read it yet! I also read Clarity this week and really enjoyed it! Happy reading :)

Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG YOU GOT PASSIONS?!?!?!? (Squeal) I am dying to read that one.
serendipity_viv said…
I was supposed to get Tiger's Curse but not sure it is coming now. Sigh! I hope you love The Guardian Angel's Journal, it blew my mind.
KelliumSims said…
Leaving Paradise and Before I Fall are pretty good (: Hope you like them.

Also... I WANT FLAWLESS! At first I was just like 'meh, whatever' but its grown on me :p Hope you like it :)
Grace Fonseca said…
A very good haul for you. Like some of the books that you got. Hope you enjoy them. Come check out my blog.
Amazing books this week - I'll be interested to see what you think of Passion and I hope you enjoy the Chris Priestly books.

And good luck with Ofsted!

Happy Reading :D
Aisle B said…
Now that is the IMM to die for.


I am sceaming with ENVY ;)
Essjay said…
Great books! I'm really looking forward to Paradise Barn too.
Kate said…
So awesome that you got Passion. I can't wait to read it and really hope that Miles is in it. He's my favorite. Flawless looks really interesting. I almost picked it up the other day. I look forward to reading your reviews. Have a great week! :-)
Athena said…
That's a great bunch of books! I really want to read Clarity and Before I fall!
Sally said…
Amazing books this week. Clarity is great - hope you enjoy it.
Happy reading.
I love the UK cover of Unearthly! Stunning! Great haul this week!
Krystal said…
oooh - so pretty!
What a great 2 weeks you had. Passion, Clarity - those are nice looking books!
Hope you enjoy each of them, and happy reading!
Here's my IMM, check it out.
Before I Fall is great! I can't wait to read your review on it!


XOXO Angela's Anxious Life
Shelagh said…
That looks like a good mix of genres and there are some gorgeous covers in there! They should keep you out of trouble for a while. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed your blogger meet up - it must be great to put faces to names.

Looking forward to some great reviews as you read these.

Lindsay said…
New follower! I love your header! Can't wait to read Clarity and Passion.
Here's my IMM post.
What wonderful books, as always! I so wish I could have come to the blogger meetup to finally meet you :(