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Bookcase Showcase: Bella from Cheezy Feet reviews

Today on Bookcase Showcase we have Bella from Cheezy feet book reviews

This is my bookshelf - it's all in alphabetical order (should be) by author's surname. These are my only shelves and I seriously need some new ones...

This is my sad little pile of books that don't fit on my bookshelves anymore... :(

On this little shelf above all my other shelves is where I keep my small manga collection (mostly Fruits Basket and Momote Lollipop!) and my Enid Blyton collection hardbacks that I bought all for £4 (ish) each in TK Max. :) There's also my Cat Royal series by Julia Golding hardbacks - I love them, they're amazing and the covers are awesome. 

These 3 piles are my to read piles - I keep them here so I can keep track of what I have to read. The pile on the left are all my review books that I haven't read yet, the middle pile is my pile of gifts, RAKs and prizes, and the tall pile on the right are the books that I have bought. My review pile has priority which is why it's smallest. ;)

These are the books that I don't have room for, but they're not books I enjoyed or they're books that I read when I was younger, and they're not young adult, so they live in messy piles in my cupboard. They're all still in perfect condition though, just like all my other books!

So those are my bookshelves, and I'd just like to thank Kirsty for letting me share them with you all! :D Hope you like them!


Essjay said…
Your shelves are so beautiful. I could look at your YA shelf for ages!
TheReadingOwl said…
WOW! I want your bookshelf!
KelliumSims said…
How on earth do you have the effort to alphabetise your books? I used to work in a shop that shelved books in alphabetical order and it was such a pain in the arse to keep up :P Well done for that organisation.

You have some really great books I'd love to steal off you :D
how do you keep your shelves in that order!? thats crazy!! lol... I love your walls, they are so cool!

I have to ask though, I spy what I believe is a wand box but no Harry Potter!! Am I being blind?
Cicely said…
I need to stop looking at other peoples shelves and feeling like mine are ridiculously inadequate... ;p But yay! Alphabetical bookshelves FTW ;D
I love that you can maintain your books in alphabetical order - I tried it once and lets just say it didn't last long lol. Fab bookcase showcase :D
Zoe said…
Your bookshelf is amazing, I could look at all your books for ages! Lots of books = happy times.
Oh wow!
You are organised to have them in order!
So pretty. I can see some awesome books there too.
BookGeek said…
I admire your organization skills! LOL. At one point my books were organized by author, but then I moved. :/

Great reads on there too!
Those are some very neat and organised looking shelves, I'm impressed!