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Bookcase Showcase: Author LM Long

There is a library in my house.
Before you ask, I do not live in some million square foot abode.
I live in two thousand square feet of suburbia.
And yet I have a library.

I also have a touch of OCD.  Really, a drop of OCD because it only manifests itself in my library.  My books are arranged by category, and then by how much I love them.  Signed copies are in a special place of honor behind glass.  Books I don’t plan on reading again?  They get used as furniture.  Anna Karenina is currently my coffee table, and if I never have to reread the paperback of Paradise Lost adding height to my couch- I’ll be one happy lady.
Curled up in this reading nook, my husband approached me the other day with a package in hand.  I ripped it open excitedly, pulling the cellophane off a new deluxe edition of Jane Eyre.  
My husband clears his throat.  “Honey, you have a kindle now- don't you think you should look at getting rid of some of these?” he asked, scanning my bookshelves with wide eyes.
I nearly dropped my precious kindle.  “Sweetheart,” I whispered, “they can hear you.”
He looked around in confusion.  “Are you talking about the books?”
“Honey, they’re not books.” I hissed.  “They’re friends.”  
Struggling not to roll his eyes, he peers into the bookshelves again before shrugging his shoulders in defeat.  I turn away from him, hugging Jane Eyre to my chest tightly before diving back into my book.
“It was just a suggestion,” I hear him say, as he gently closes the door.


KelliumSims said…
How can your husband ask you to cut down on buying physical books?! You're an author.

You have such lovely, organised looking shelves :)
Rachel Brooks said…
I love the leg lamp! It looks just like the one in A Christmas Story. "You used up all the glue...on PURPOSE!" ;)

Also, I’m a new follower—wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)
Zoe said…
Love your bookshelves! Don't stop buying books - as you said, books are friends. :) said…
Thanks Kate! He's not a reader- so he doesn't get why I have to keep 'em once I've read 'em.
Thanks Rachel! It's a replica from the Christmas Story one- Love the book. Love the movie. Following your blog now. :)
Thanks Zoe! (I still buy them, for a while I was singlehandedly trying to keep Borders in business. Didn't work out so well :(
Another fab showcase - I'm jealous about how organised everyone is! :D
Mel said…
I love my kindle, but it hasn't stopped me buying physical books as well! I love the use of books as furniture! :)
I have to agree that books can hear someone suggest you get rid of them! I also think I hear them cry a little when my boyfriend suggests it to me!! :(
Great showcase! I wish I had a spare room to turn into my library!!
AWW. I think N was under the assumption that he'd buy me a Kindle and all of my books would magically disappear. Doesn't quite work that way, does it? :) Great shelves.