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Review: Boys for Beginners by Lil Chase

Boys for Beginners by Lil Chase
Published by Quercus

Boys for the beginners is the debut novel from a new author which which be perfect reading material for younger teenage girls.

The main idea for this book is to highlight the ways in which teenagers feel they need to change themselves to fit in which the popular crowd. I liked how this idea was addressed as the main character who is a real tomboy finds herself wanting to become more girly in order to fit in with the main crowd of popular girls. I though the whole storyline was written well and will be something a lot of teens will relate to as I imagine more than will admit it have done something like what happens in the book to get in with the right crowd.

The story was funny and engaging with witty and relatable dialogue used throughout to make it a quick and easy read. If you liked Georgia Nicholson this is the book for you


Anonymous said…
It does sound like a nice easy read, and fun too.