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Bookcase Showcase: Author Paula Weston

I've always wanted a wall of books, so my husband built one for me:
In more detail, here are a couple of key shelves packed with books and authors who inspire me. First up, my fantasy/paranormal collection:
Next, a section of my young adult and adult collection, with two of my all-time favourite books featured out front (by Australian authors, no less):


My to-be-read pile is massive, but here are a handful at the top of the list:
Thanks for a chance to share!



Cait said…
I want a wall of books so bad. Im gonna force my boyfriend to build me one when we (eventually) move in together haha. I love how you face out some of your faves...I might try that

Cait x
I read Friday Brown recently and loved it. And Jellicoe Road, The Raven Boys and Finnikin of the Rock are favourites of mine (and Harry Potter, too, of course! ;)). Glad to see them up there. :)
Anonymous said…
Cait: I do love to feature my faves!

Sam: Yes, we definitely share similar tastes.

I do so want a wall of books!

Love seeing the Melina Marchetta/Maggie Stiefvater books prominently displayed :)