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Review: Shadows of the Silver screen by Christopher Edge

A mysterious filmmaker approaches The Penny Dreadful with a proposal to turn Montgomery Flinch’s sinister stories into motion pictures. With Monty installed as the star of his production, filming begins but is plagued by a series of strange and frightening events. As Monty pleads with Penny to help him, she is drawn into the mystery, but soon finds herself trapped in a nightmare penned by her own hand. Can Penny uncover the filmmaker’s dark secret before it’s too late?

My thoughts

A cracking story which lived up to the anticipation. I love Penelope and the penny dreadful.

For me the best thing about this series is the feel they give you for Victorian London. Whilst there is a paranormal twist it doesn't overtake the story. For me the real joy of this book was following Penelope on her adventures around Victorian London and playing detective with her. Without giving too much away I found the story brilliantly engaging and it kept me completely hooked.

If you liked Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart series you'll love this one too as it definitely has the same feel although possibly aimed at a slightly younger audience.

Fab stuff and well worth a look.