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Bookcase Showcase: Blogger Anya from An Awful lot of reading

Hello and thank you to Kirsty for having me. I’m Anya from An Awful Lot of Reading ( and these are my bookshelves! I quite like showing off my bookshelves and my books, having grown up in a home where books line the walls in nearly every room.

I still live at home – poor student, you know – so my books are confined to my bedroom, limiting the amount I can buy and keep. So, firstly right next to my bed is this little bookshelf I was gifted by my grandmother which houses my currently reading and my immediate to-read list based on what I’ve got to read next, either review or university books. It sits on the cupboard next to my bed.

Next up is the lovely Myaka bookshelf that my parents bought for me a few years ago. It holds my university books, sorted by year and module. It also has my radio/CD player and my TV on top. And, based on how messy I’m feeling, it also has my wallet, phone, ipod, bunch of crap and whatever I chuck there that doesn’t have a home.

Here, want to see what I’m writing my dissertation on? Yes, that is a Doctor Who notebook –I’m writing about historical fiction, get it?

Anyway, this is my main bookcase. Dad made some shelves for me to fit into the built-in wardrobe – it has been a wardrobe, and several different styles of shelves, but now it is my huge bookcase. And yes, that is a life size cut out of David Tennant. You’re jealous now, right? The bookcase has practically all my books from the last 15 or so years, including my Jacqueline Wilson collection at the very back. Plus my reference books, giant encyclopaedia, thesaurus, history books from sixth form and vampire mythology books.

Top shelf. At the front, books to read, next to a picture of me and my boyfriend from my 18th birthday J Behind it is stacked 4 rows, with my *signed* John Barrowman autobiography, Meg Cabot and Stephanie Meyer’s books, old vampire books, some Terry Pratchett and the books that I read last year, stacked on their side on the right (not all of them, by the way, obviously).

Middle shelf. Alongside my Tardis and sonic screwdrivers, are my prized Morganville series and Night Huntress series. Behind those are the Roman Mysteries series – loved those when I was younger – and the Shiver trilogy, the Uglies series and odd books I don’t want to get rid of but have no intention of re-reading.

Bottom shelf. Hiding behind my Me To You bear, called Jasper by the way, is my Harry Potter collection, including all the books as well as the other collectibles like ‘Tales of Beedle the Bard’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, plus my sticker albums, magazines with pretty pictures and themed notebooks.

Finally, at the very bottom are the rest of my to-read books. Not a lot, to be fair. I’m actually quite good at not getting too many books, which is so hard! Most of these are hand-me-downs from Sophie (So Many Books, So Little Time) that I really want to read but other books seem to crop up before I can.

And that’s my books! Thanks again Kirsty for having me and thank you for sharing in my book love!


Anya said…
Thanks for having me Kirsty :) Feels nice showing off my books to people who actually appreciate them!
Sarah said…
OMG I want to steal your life size David Tennant Anya!! You have some fab bookshelves but I totally focused on David LOL