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Bookcase Showcase needs you plus Overflowing Library update

Dear all,

After two years of doing Bookcase Showcase I found this morning that I had no one to showcase. It's partly my own fault as I've been so busy I haven't been out author and blogger hunting for someone earlier in the week to do a guest post as work has been all kinds of crazy of late.

So please see this as my official plea for contributors. If you fancy doing a Bookcase Showcase guest post either as an author as a one off or as part of a blog tour or as a blogger / publicist / editor etc please do contact me by either leaving an email address I can reach you on in the comments or by tweeting me at @overflowingklc

so today I thought I would do a brief update of my shelves as last time they were featured was in the first bookcase showcase post on 5th March 2011 (see here)

As the name of my blog suggests we have a lot of books currently residing in my little bungalow. We have bookcases in every room and those cases are regularly added to despite the fact I have tried to be really brutal over the last year about which books I keep and which I pass on

These are what I consider to be my main bookshelves. This picture actually misses off the bottom shelf (but you get the idea). This is largely due to the massive chair we put in the library before we put the bookshelves around it and then realised was too big but then because of the shelves there was no longer enough space to get it out ... never mind). These shelves host the majority of my YA and adult titles and the generally rule of late is if I have read a book and rated in 4 stars or more it stays. If not has to go as space is getting really limited (although I am hoping to squish another bookcase in to the right of the shelves but then that it literally all the space I will ever have). 

To the right of my main shelves and under the window we have my children's books and a bunch of unread signed books. It's a funny little mix and jammed full so I might have to rethink keeping the signed ones on there soon and find another home for them .... goodness knows where.

This is my favourite little shelf. It is located next to my bed and holds my TBR pile. Yes I know it is relatively small compared to some bloggers (I have 4 months solid off work where I mostly sat in one chair if you remember!). It is broken up into ones I bought myself, review books which are now published, review books not published. It tends to see quite a high turn around in a normal month and always features some brilliant titles I can't wait to read next!


juliababyjen said…
I would be willing to showcase my bookshelves, but probably not for another month or so. We just moved, and are still unpacking! Most of my books are in boxes!
Anya said…
I will happily show off my shelves :)
Anonymous said…
I love your small bookcase! Is that from IKEA? I'm happy to showcase my books as well for you, but the same for me, not for another month maybe, as I've just moved also. Will send you an email later on though!
Bookish said…
I would love to do a bookcase showcase, I'm a blogger but I used to be a bookseller so my books have taken over the house and I have plenty of bookcases/piles to take pics of!

Email is bookishoutsider(at)gmail(dot)com
Leeanna said…
I love this series, so I'd like to take part! I've been meaning to do a video for my own site, so maybe this would get me going :)

email: maurapedia @
@juliababyjen, Hannah and leeanna

Would love to have you all on. Please do email me so we an sort a date
Oh it's lovely to see your books again :) They're all so neat and tidy! And my goal in life is to have very few books on my TBR shelves...