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March Review

I must admit this month just gone as been a rubbish one for me reading wise. I've struggled to read much of anything because I've been so tired and busy at work so you might find next month is a bit thin on the ground review wise. I'm planning to cut my loses a little bit in April and spend my easter break trying to get myself ahead and back to a normal fullish schedule for May. (Update: Since writing this I got to my half term holiday and finished another 6 books in two days. Just show how much work slows my reading down!)

Books Read
40) Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger
41) The Devil in No Man's Land by Will Hill (British Books Challenge)
42) The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks (British Books Challenge)
43) Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones (British Books Challenge)
44) Undead in the Eternal City by Will Hill (British Books Challenge)
45)  The secret history of a secret teenage vampire by Will Hill (British Books Challenge)
46) The boys of Summer by CJ Duggan
47) Where the Wild things are by Maurice Sendak
48) French Kiss by Sarra Manning (British Books Challenge)
49) Hank Zipzer by Henry Winkler
50) Kiss and Make up by Sarra Manning (British Books Challenge)
51) Sealed with a Kiss by Sarra Manning (British Books Challenge)
52) The New Blood by Will Hill (British Books Challenge)
53) Going Vintage by Lindsay Leavitt
54) By Any Other Name by Laura Jarratt (British Books Challenge)
55) Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
56) If you find me by Emily Murdoch
57) Transparent by Natalie Whipple
58) Dead to you by Lisa McCann
59) Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler
60) Acid by Emma Pass (British Books Challenge)
61) Close your eyes by Sophie McKenzie (British Books Challenge)
62) shipwrecked by Siobhan Curham (British Books Challenge)

Such a slow month for me which I'm finding frustrating to say the least

Book events

I was lucky enough to attend the RHCP blogger brunch which was fab. I got to see all my lovely blogger friends and meet Jonathan Stroud and Amy McColluch both of whom were awesome. RHCP have so many awesome titles coming later in the year and I can't wait for them all.

I also get to meet Henry Winkler aka The Fonz! Yes I know you can be jealous. He was quite honestly the nicest guy I have ever met and was absolutely fascinating to listen to.

Book of the Month

Had to be Diary of a Crush by Sarra Manning as I have waited so so so long to read them in book format (thanks clover for sending them my way). I've since found out Atom are actually publishing them later on in the year so look out for them.


Sarah said…
I'm still jealous that you met the fonz!! Sooooo cool :o)
You've read more books this month than I've read all year! :-O

Fancy meeting The Fonz! Wow :)