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Review: Felt Friends from Japan

Felt Friends from Japan is a treasure trove of delightful felt projects--86 in all--including not just adorable soft toys, but also coin purses, bags, cell phone holders, badges, and flowers. Author Naomi Tabatha has gone for a retro feel, capturing the style she remembers from her childhood in Japan during the 1960s and 1970s. Here are Mini-mascot Buddies like Mom and Baby Kitty Cats, Little Elephants, Cheeky Monkey, Croaky Frog, Droopy-eared Dog, and Cuddly Koala; Soft Toys like Brown Bear, Rika the Rabbit, and Little Red Hood; Purrcy Pussycat and Mr. Sausage Dog, the Tabletop Duo; Forest Friends named Fumiko Fawn and Little Rabbit; and the Beret Buddies, Miki the Monkey and Pao the Elephant. Also included are Cute 'n' Fun Accessories like the Frog Coin Purse, the Sausage Dog Pencil Case and the Little Bear Card Case
Every project features clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by beautiful, full-color photographs and cut-out patterns; and an explanatory section covers the basic stitches and techniques used. Everything is hand-sewn and requires only felt and a needle-and-thread. Simple enough for crafters ranging in age from about 10 years old to adult, the book is sure to please anyone who loves creating cute things from felt

My thoughts

I got this as a random gift from my husband and am absolutely fascinated by it. Before getting it I had never made anything from felt and I've now started on quite a collection. They are sooo cute and definitely worth a look even if you haven't ever made anything like it before because the instructions are so easy to follow (I reckon they'd even be fine for a child to follow without much help). Perfect for quirky handmade gifts which everyone will love! 

This is one of my frst attempts at one of bigger items in the book (most of them are much smaller than this) which I made for my lovely friend.

Just fab on the whole. Definitely one to keep you entertained for hours at a time.


Sarah said…
This looks like so much fun! I really want to see some more of your creations though :o)