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Review: The Madness underneath by Maureen Johnson

When madness stalks the streets of London, no one is safe…

There’s a creepy new terror haunting modern-day London. Fresh from defeating a Jack the Ripper killer, Rory must put her new-found hunting skills to the test before all hell breaks loose…

But enemies are not always who you expect them to be and crazy times call for crazy solutions. A thrilling teen mystery.

My thoughts

I have been desperately waiting to be able to get my hands on his book for a while and wasn't expecting to get anywhere near a copy before Spring 2013 so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to get my hands on this.

This book very much focuses on the main character Rory as she comes to grips with her abilities and the way they have developed since the end of book one. She's spent some time away from Wrexford and how she's back and feeling like she doesn't belong. She is behind with all her classes and how has some new abilities to deal with the ghosts she sees day to day and can't find a way to get back to how she used to be.

I won't tell you too much about what happens in this instalment but I will say this one is as completely engaging as the first book and found that I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed spending more time getting to know Rory. If you loved the gruesome side of the first book you'll love this one as it doesn't hold back either.

The end of the book leaves you desperate for the final instalment in the trilogy. How I'm going to be able to wait for that I do not know.


I cannot wait for book 3 after that killer ending here. Rory's humor is so like mine and I love hanging out with her.
Lucy Powrie said…
I really need to read the first book in the trilogy because I know that lots of other people have read and enjoyed Maureen Johnson's books. I'm glad you liked this! :)
I really need to buy a copy of this soon, I'm so glad it lives up to the first one - fab review :D