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Review: Killing Rachel by Anne Cassidy

Rose's mother and Joshua's father have disappeared. Police inquiries have gone nowhere and the case, it seems, is closed: Rose and Joshua have been told that the police believe their parents are dead. But Rose and Joshua still hold out hope that they are alive. Joshua is determined to follow up his own inquiries, which includes working out the meaning of the cryptic notebooks - the murder notebooks - they have discovered. Then Rose is distracted by odd, desperate messages she receives from Rachel, a former best friend from her school, followed by the terrible news that Rachel is dead. But perhaps Rachel's death will provide one more piece of the puzzle about what has happened to Rose and Joshua's parents . . .

My thoughts
Another interesting read in the murder notebooks series from Anne Cassidy.

The main plot for this series revolves about the death of Rachel, a girl whom Rose had previously been at boarding school with as well as spending time getting more into the supposed murder of Rose and Josh's parents some 5 years previously.

I can't say too much about this book or I'll give to much away but needless to say this story was an exciting read and lots more revelations were unveiled as Rose and Josh try to find out more about what happened to their parents even though the police tell them the case is all but abandoned. I really like Rose as a character and I love seeing how she grows as a character over each book and I love the relationship she has with her stepbrother. Lots of exciting things set up for book three!

Looking forward to the next instalment.


I completely agree (and I've still got about 20 pages to go) :)
I wasn't sold on this one and I think it's because I didn't like the relationship between Rachel and Joshua... I'm hoping the third book grabs me more, I enjoyed this one enough to not give up on it :)