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Bookcase Showcase: Author Gemma Malley

 Today on bookcase showcase I am really excited to have Gemma Malley showcasing her books....

So here are my real bookcases in my study, just over four metres, floor to ceiling, built for me by our lovely builder Gary. Full of books, photographs, things and clutter that I keep meaning to clear out. Makes me feel right at home when I’m writing.

Next are the bookshelves in the sitting room which are full to bursting of over-flow books that I would have in my study but can’t fit. Mostly books I’ve had for years and would re-read if I only had the time. One day I will...

Here are some more books in my daughter’s bedroom (1897) which by rights should be elsewhere but the shelves were in her room when we moved in, the books were put there and to my shame, they haven’t moved. In fact I keep adding to them. She’s just turned 3 and is pretty understanding at the moment but it won’t last, I’m sure.

This is the real travesty. Books in boxes, in the garage, waiting for a home. I would say that this is where the majority (or at least significant minority) of my books are. We’re having shelves built soon, a whole wall of them. And then my lovely books can come in from the cold and the damp. I can’t wait. Really. Counting down the days.


And here are my children’s books, which are the ones I seem to read the most these days. They’re all over the house but every so often I pull them all together onto a shelf somewhere. I couldn’t imagine a house without books. I’m very visual – if I file things away I forget about them – so I need everything on display all the time. I’m actually bringing my CDs back from the garage when our shelves have been built  – ipods are all very well but you don’t get the same thrill of staring at a load of CDs and triumphantly bringing out something you haven’t listened to in around a decade. Same with books. I like mine well thumbed and sometimes in more than one edition because covers matter. A lot. 

So there you are. Not streamlined, not organised, but my bookcase showcase!


Zoe said…
Cool bookcase! I can't imagine a house without books either ;)
-Ria xo said…
Covers *do* matter, a lot. Awesome bookcase!