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World Book Night

Just a quick post to wish everyone Happy World Book Night.

Today I was giving out copies of How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff which is one of my favourite books.

I dropped a few into staff pigeon holes in the morning and then got some kids I teach to come up to my room at lunch time (without telling them why) then gave them all copies of How I Live How along with their choice of whatever random books I had laying around at home that I was going to find a new home for. Very excited kiddies indeed which was lovely. Something I might need to do more of.


Oh, I love How I Live Now. Those kids are in for a treat!
Oh, you've just reminded me that I really want to read How I Live Now! Hopefully, it's available in my school library :)
Mel said…
I want to pick up How I Live Now after reading this! What a wonderful way of participating! :)
Anonymous said…
Happy World Book Night.

I gave away Pride and Prejudice. A wonderful experience.
Iona English said…
I gave away I Capture the Castle which is a great book. I had loads of fun doing it, I'm giving away two more copies on my blog as well for people who might not got a chance to participate in it.
prettybooks said…
I hope they all enjoy it! I applied to be a give but rather late and so didn't get any of my choices.
serendipity_viv said…
A brilliant book to give away. Sounds like you made a few people's day!