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Bookcase Showcase: Author Laure Eve

Today's Bookcase Showcase is from Laure Eve an author whose first book, called Fearsome Dreamer, will be published in September by Hot Key Books.

My bookshelves are a riotous, glorious mess.

That there is around half the books, comics and graphic novels we own, I’d say. There are four more bookcases in various bits of the flat and forever unpacked boxes in the cupboard under the stairs.

Also, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but I have a bit of a problem with decorative objects. They dance around the books, perching precariously in between paperbacks and dripping off the shelves. Here’s a beautiful little elephant my mother gave me, and a fat pinecone. We have a small wood next to our garden, and I have a thing about picking up things I find there – sprigs of holly in the winter, conkers, feathers.
In the background you can see an array of Dan Simmons books – there’s a bit of a fanboy in our household, but I must also admit to being in awe of his writing.

This bottom shelf advertises my childhood, growing up on Asterix and Tintin; man, I must have read these amazing stories hundreds of times each. I took them everywhere with me. Some of them have surreptitious jam stains attesting to my insistence at reading them while having breakfast before school.
Mixed in with these are darker, violent and beautiful stories – Sandman, Sin City, and the Dark Tower comic book series illustrated by extraordinary artist Jae Lee.

Here’s a shelf that proudly attests to two of my favourite children’s authors of all time – Robin Jarvis and Brian Jacques. I fell in love. Love. If you don’t know them, here are your first ports of call – Brian Jacques’ Redwall and Robin Jarvis’ Whitby Trilogy.
Nestled next to them: a wooden candle holder from Camden Locks and a trumpeting Angel candle holder from an Athens flea market. I know it’s not Christmas anymore but she never gets put away; she’s too pretty.

Finally we have one of our non-fiction bookcases, most of which are the province of the boy of the household – military history, historical biography. Quite a lot of language stuff at the top – we both speak more than two. The horses descending in size were a gift from my father as a child – there are eight in total, and the smallest one is smaller than my little finger.
You can also see my theatrical background muscling its way into shot here – a couple of masks left over from past performances.
Now, if only someone would invite me to a masked ball, and I could wear that divine feathered creation once more ...


serendipity_viv said…
I love your shelves Laure! And all the decorative items too!
Anonymous said…
Hmm... hardly a riotous mess. There is barely a book not perfectly vertical. Glorious, yes, mess? Alas, no. (Yes, this is jealousy typing.)
Cass said…
Fearsome Dreamer sounds pretty amazing! Those bookshelves. I love. I wanted to know which edition of
the Hyperion series has those spines? They look great! You have so much funky decorum, living amongst your books. My own bookshelves are spilling out everywhere. No room for nick-nacks.
Laure Eve said…
Okay so the *books* aren't a mess :) I should also admit that i chose my shelves judiciously. It's all the stuff on the shelves that aren't books that tend to make them look messy ...

On Dan Simmons, hmm - I think they're the Gollancz pb omnibus editions. They are rather pretty. Though fricking enormous, of course :D