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Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The summer holidays are dragging on and Harry Potter can't wait for the start of the school year. It is his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and there are spells to be learnt, potions to be brewed and Divination lessons (sigh) to be attended. Harry is expecting these: however, other quite unexpected events are already on the march
My thoughts

I really enjoyed this although it is probably the book I know best out of the series and have reread the most.

I loved the excitement of the quidditch World Cup and the triwizward tourmanent within this book and for me this is the book where everything starts to turn just that little bit darker especially at the end of the book.

Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing and while there was a lot of back story and subplot included that probably slowed the story down a fair bit I did enjoy having that detail as a bit of a mad fan although I'm not sure how others would have liked it.

I enjoyed the film adaptation but did get grumpy about bits that were cut

Cannot wait to carry on reading


Cass said…
I re-read this one late last year (second time around). I came VERY late into the Harry Potter thing, even though the books were still coming out as I was growing up. The last book came out while I was in high school and my older sister loved the series so it's strange that I never gave it a chance until high school. Even then I only just finished The Order of the Phoenix a few weeks ago.

I loved Goblet of Fire. I'm not going to say it was perfect, but it was just a great read. There's so much going on and I loved the enormity of this book. It's also where Voldemort is reborn--an inevitability that just raises the stakes for the series.

I agree about the film adaptation. As a whole, though, I loved it too. Despite all the omissions.