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Review: Quantum drop by Saci Lloyd

Anthony Griffin is an ordinary kid caught up in a dangerous world. The boundaries between real and virtual are more and more blurred, and when Anthony’s girlfriend is taken out in a gang hit, he has to venture into the underground world of the Drop to flush out her killer and bring him to justice.

This is the story of a boy whose girl is worth more than money.

My thoughts

Quite honestly I am not a fan of this book

The ideas behind it are very clever and it tries to be quite edgy and cool but I actually found myself getting confused. The book tries to be the matrix meets east london gang warfare novel and I didn't think it worked. I think it would have been better had the author gone one way or the other. I wasn't a fan of the characters and never felt like I cared all that much about them or what happened to them so it meant by the time I finished I really wasn't invested enough to care about the outcome of the book. The techy side is clever but I really didn't get it. Maybe it was me being dim.

The one plus side is I did love Anthony's little sister Stella. I though she was pretty cool

A book that I think maybe would work better as a film