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Review: Let's get Lost by Sarra Manning

A compelling YA novel from the best-selling author of Guitar Girl!
Isabel is the girl who rules the school with an iron fist and a gang of minions who do her bidding. Her friends are scared of her, her teachers can't get through to her, and that's just the way she likes it. With her razor-sharp edges and tall walls, nothing gets to Isabel and no one, but no one, is ever going to discover her dark, sad secrets. Then she meets Smith. And Isabel learns that sometimes when all the expectations and pressures are too much, you just need someone to help you get lost.

My thoughts

I have mixed feelings about this book for a variety of reasons.

I must admit I started off not really liking this book because of the main character. Put bluntly she is a utter bitch. I couldn't stand her, to way she treated those around her and I just found myself wanting to slap some sense into her from page one. She was just vile in every way she possibly could be and actually liked it when she got pulled down a peg or two at different times through the book.

I loved Smith. I loved him completely not only because he was gorgeous but because from the moment he walked on the scene Isabel started to become a much nicer character and one I could actually stand to be around. Definitely a swoon worthy boy if ever there was one.

I loved loved loved the cameo from mollie from guitar girl in this book. The book geek in me got dead excited about it.

So there I am not liking this book and feeling incredibly guilty about not doing so and suddenly it hit me. The final section of the book is where all the rubbish and guards Isabel has built up around her falters and we finally get to see the girl she really is but more importantly why she became that girl to start with and woah it hit me like a ton of bricks. It made the whole story so much better, was raw and moving and took me completely by surprise and actually made me love the book as a whole even though I had started out not being a fan. Talk about sneaking up on you and punching you in the gut.

All in all definitely a book I would recommend highly. 


I loved Smith as well - he's awesome. I also remember sobbing through Isabel's revelation. So glad you loved this!