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Bookcase Showcase: Author Joan De La Haye

I have two bookshelves. One for all my fiction, which is starting to overflow and is two rows deep on all the rows, and the other is for my research books. I must admit I'm not big on non-fiction, which is why that bookshelf is not as full. I'm not even going to go into the books on my ebook reader, otherwise I'd have you here all day.

On my fiction shelf you'll find a lot of Stephen King and Anne Rice. I've also got all the Harry Potter books. You'll also find a lot of the classics like The Three Musketeers, which is probably my favourite book of all time, and Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. You'll also find quite a few books by South African authors like The Mall by SL Grey, Deadlands by Lily Herne, Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, Random Violence by Jassy Mackenzie, and I'm busy reading Salamander Cotton by Richard Kunzmann. I've also got a bunch of signed books by authors like Jeffery Deaver, John Connolly, Peter Allison, and Robert Shearman.

My research bookshelf was actually built by my Grandfather over fifty years ago. It's rather special to me. On these shelves you'll find books like On Writing Horror, which has been an invaluable book, as has On Writing by Stephen King. Both those books should be read by any aspiring author especially one with an interest in horror. I've also got a copy of Gray's Anatomy, which I think is handy to have especially if you want to write about killing people. Other really helpful books are Scene of the Crime and Deadly Doses. I now know just how to poison someone and how to manipulate a crime scene. Very handy knowledge.
Then I've also got a bunch of books on serial killers. Quite a few of them were written by former South African profiler, Micki Pistorious. I've also got a copy of Ghosts of South Africa, which was an interesting read about all the haunted sites in South Africa. I really have to visit some of those places. It should be a scream. 

If anybody were to look at my bookshelves and they didn't know I was a horror and thriller writer they'd probably think I was a serial killer or psychopath in the process of plotting a murder. But I promise I'm not, really. I'm not!