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Review: Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

When his best friend Hector is suddenly taken away, Standish Treadwell realises that it is up to him, his grandfather and a small band of rebels to confront and defeat the ever present oppressive forces of The Motherland.
Friendship and trust inspire Standish to rise up against an oppressive regime and expose the truth about a planned moon landing in this original and spellbinding book


This book is thinky.

This review is deliberately short both because I can't find the words to do it justice and because I don't want to spoil anything.

I found myself hooked from page one and I zipped through it really quickly and found it effortless to read. I found myself needing to know what happened next and ended up staying up well after bed time just because I had to.

Maggot moon is so delightfully different to anything else out there on the YA market that it's hard to compare it to anything else. The writing style is both simple yet beautiful and so perfect for the characters it is intended to be the voice of. I loved the main character Standish and the ideas it put forward left me thinking for a good time after I'd put it down and I imagine they will continue to float around my head for days to come.

The only thing I didn't like was that the book had a horrible series of pictures of a rat. If you a squeamish you will need to come them up because they are not nice. I'd still shuddering at the thought of them!

All in all a fantastic read which I thoroughly enjoyed.