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Bookcase Showcase: Author Cassandra Clarke

Bedroom So this is my main bookshelf. I’ve never been much of a book buyer, partially because I rarely reread books and partially because when I was growing up my mom, a librarian, instilled in me the magic of interlibrary loan. This shelf used to contain only books that I completely adored, or that are part of the rare reread club, or that had been given to me as gifts and consequently have sentimental value. However, living in a city with an awesome chain of used book stores (Half-Priced Books!) means I tend to buy more books now, and my shelves have started to overflow.

Living Room I keep my cookbooks in here, as well as hardback overflow and old copies of National Geographic (I love to look at the pictures for inspiration.) As you can see, I haven’t finished transferring the overflow yet. This is because I’m pretty lazy.

To Be Read Pile Any books that I borrow or that are next in line for reading hang out here, in front of my globe lamp.

Library Cards So I would be remiss if I failed to mention my real bookshelves, which are the bookshelves at the two nearby libraries. As I mentioned earlier, my mom staved off any potential book-collecting proclivities by saying, “I’ll just get it for you at the library.” Even though I buy considerably more books now than I did as a child, there’s still something special about coming home with a stack of library books and trying each one out until you decide that’s the one you want to read. Browsing at a library is like browsing at a bookstore, except you can find out-of-print stuff and everything’s free! Win-win, really.


I do love getting stacks of books from the library and then picking out what to read first, unfortunately, I also have a tendency to buy lots of books and then do the same thing "what to read first" game. Right now I have such a shameful amount of unread books on my shelves that I haven't gone to the library in ages!