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Bookcase Showcase: Author Laura Jarratt

Today on Bookcase Showcase Laura Jarratt author of Skin Deep is showing us her shelves...

These are a few of my bookshelves. As I’ve moved house fairly recently, I had to have a ruthless book cull and get rid of many, and also donate lots to relatives so I can sneak them back and read them when I want to. But the upside was I got to fill a whole wall of one room with bookshelves – you can’t beat Ikea Billys!

On the top there are some of my favourite YA titles, with well-loved children’s books too. You’ll spot Patrick Ness, Suzanne Collins, Maggie Stiefvator, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Kevin Brooks up there. There’s my special box set of Narnia and the Three Legions trilogy from Rosemary Sutcliff which includes The Eagle of the Ninth, one of my all time favourites.

The next shelf down has an odd mix of writing books, a couple of bibles, some poetry and a few reference books that I seem to have acquired from family as I’m certain I didn’t buy them. Oh, and some guides to garden birds I bought in my last house which was on the edge of a wood and was bird mecca – my favourites were the long-tailed tits who used to cluster bomb the fat balls on the bird feeder.

This is my to-read shelf with some over-spill onto the shelf above (and my other half’s terrifyingly geeky computer manuals on the shelf below – I’ve hidden some of the Australian cover Skin Deeps in there because I ran out of shelf space but he hasn’t noticed yet!) Mostly my to-reads are adult books because I’m writing at the moment and I never read YA while I’m writing. It’s a pretty random mix but some are books I found it hard to get into and they’re sitting waiting for me to have a different mood and try again, like Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld which I’m sure I’ll love once I get going with it, and others like Room by Emma Donoghue that I’m desperate to find time to read.

And here are some of my other favourites, including Marian Keyes’ new one – it made me cry. Some Jodi Picoult with a Jane Casey, who is with the same agent as me. A couple of friends’ books – Fledgling (which is signed and I’m in the acknowledgements so that’s a very special one) and Songs of the Earth. And my Cassandra Clare collection – I totally love her Mortal Instruments series and she’s so funny. Magnus Bane comes very high on my list of characters I wish I’d written. I can’t wait for her next one to come out.


Unknown said…
Very well stocked shelf! Awesome titles. :)
Janiera @This is From my Heart