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Review: Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie

Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie
Published by Simon and Schuster

When River auditions for a part in an interschool performance of Romeo and Juliet, she finds herself smitten by Flynn, the boy playing Romeo. But Flynn comes from a damaged family—is he even capable of giving River what she wants? The path of true love never did run smooth . . .

This is real life, not a rehearsal...

Falling fast is a light and easy read. It follows the story of River and Flynn as their relationship develops after meeting when both take part in a school production of romeo and Juliet

I found this to be fun and easy read and a nice contemporary romantic tale. Having only ever read Sophie's faster pace series this was a completely different offering for me than what I'd come to expect from her before. The characters were likable. The story was easy to follow and put quite simply it's one of those books you can read in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and not need to think too much to lose yourself in it.

I think the thing that sets this book apart and probably the reason why it might be better for older teens rather than your tweens is that unlike a lot of other YA romantic novels it actually refers to teenage sex, lots of it in fact. I actually liked this as I thought it made it more realistic rather than shying away from it to avoid offending anyone.

I loved Flynn as a character. He is a bit too gorgeous in his 18 year old way and clearly deals with a lot taking more responsibility than he should onto his young shoulders. I liked how broody and mysterious he was and enjoyed getting under his skin and finding out more about his story as the book went on.

River is a strange lead character. She is quite innocent and idealistic and in a way quite sweet which at first made her interesting to get to know but later on made her a bit irritating. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up a bit.

All in all a sweet albeit a little bit predictable book for older teens which I enjoyed.



serendipity_viv said…
I am just reading this now. I do like Flynn. He reminds me of one the first boys I lusted after.
Ive never read a Sophie Mckenzie book and I definitely think this should be where I start! great review!