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Picture Book reviews: The big adventure of the Smalls and Where is Fred

I got these picture books for review quite randomly but decided to review them as I was quite surprised about how much I enjoyed them.

The Big Adventures of the Smalls by Helen Stephens

I don't usually review picture books not having any children but received this one for review today in the post and just decided to dip into it.

It is a real delight of a book with nice and colourful pictures to look at and a funny story to go along with it. I think it is one of those books where younger children would get something very different to older children when reading it as their thinking skills improve and they start to take in the subtle hints inferred at through the combination of the pictures and the text.

Has certainly made me think I need to read more picture books as I was happily chuckling along to myself whilst reading it!

Where is Fred by Edward Hardy

I loved Where is Fred. The pictures are beautiful and the story is really funny and I think it is one of those books which adults will enjoy as much as the kids they are reading with. I can see that the best thing about this book which will appeal to readers is that Fred hides on every page and therefore you have to find him. It is delightful seeing how he outwits the evil crow who is trying to eat him. A really enjoyable read!


I think my neice would love these! She's a big fan of books and we always sit down to read them and find things on the pages.