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British Books Challenge: March review Link up Post

Welcome to March's review link up post

In February I read the following British Books:
Poison Heart by SB Hayes
Heart Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne
Jessie Heart NYC by Keris Stainton
Becoming Nancy by Terry Ronald
Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

The winner of the February prize Pack Sarah from Whispering Words (please email me your address asap!!)

Below is a Mister Linky for you to add your March British Books Challenge reviews. Please remember to put in the exact URL of your review and not just your blog address.

Before you link up your review make sure you have signed up for the British Books Challenge on the original sign up post here


Prize Pack: 

This month's prize pack is from Simon and Schuster which will be won by one of the participants for their reviews linked below. The prize pack will contain copies of the following British Titles:

Fated – Sarah Alderson
Someone Else’s Life – Katie Dale
Falling Fast – Sophie McKenzie
Dark Storm – Sarah Singleton

One winner will be picked at random from the linked up list below so the more reviews you do the most chances you will have to win.

First to review prizes
I will also have a selection of books available each month for those people who link the first reviews each month. This month I have available  

5 copies of Drive By by Jim Carrington
1 copy of the Killables by Gemma Malley
1 copy of the Crypt: Traitor’s Revenge by Andrew Hammond (Book 2 in the series)
3 copies of Becoming Nancy by Terry Ronald

If the titles above are still uncrossed and you are in the UK please contact me as soon as you linked your review with your address and the title you'd like and I'll get it posted out to you.


starryabigail said…
I've sent in my 1st review!
Cheryl Pasquier said…
Just posted my review too :) I saw that there are Early Bird prizes but I can't find your email to send you my choice !
Shakira said…
Ya just done my 1st review!!!
Fab prize pack this month, good luck to everyone taking part :)
ChooseYA said…
Yay, review posted and in time for a prize too, awesome :) Will email you!
Mel said…
Third month seems to be off to a strong start - well done everyone! :-)
Library Quine said…
Hi, Here is my review for 'This Is Not Forgiveness'. I WON the book on THIS website for being an early reviwer, and am so pleased as it's helped me on my exploration of YA lit!
Library Quine said…
I'd be happy to receive a copy of Becoming Nancy if it's still available - my next challenge was to look at some LGBTQ titles!
Library Quine said…
Just left another review. This time it's Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by chris Wormell. It has just won the Red House Book Award in the book for Younger Readers category. If you like children's picture books, you're sure to love this one!
Leah said…
just written first review for the month :D
Booksnyc said…
I am excited to have posted and linked my first review for the challenge!
All linked up - can't wait to read other reviews!
Leah said…
Second review done, thoroughly enjoyed lucky star, great read! :D
Shakira said…
Just done my second review!
I iloved this book
Shakira said…
done my third!
Shakira said…
...and my fourth!
I think a prize should be given out to the person who comments on these reviews the most.. or something to get more people clicking and reading about these awesome books by British authors!
Shakira said…
Done my fifth just now!
Cheryl Pasquier said…
just added two totally different reviews - crime fiction 'Craig Robertson's Snapshot) and a kids' book (Jacqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather). Now moving on to historical fiction - love jumping around the genres to keep things interesting !

LilithElina said…
Finally a review for March from me!
Shakira said…
done my seventh!

Planning on reading 12 this month!
starryabigail said…
Sent in my second an third!
Faye Oliver said…
I've posted my first review! I noticed my name isn't on the sign up page, is there any steps I missed? xD
Mel said…
I've managed to mistype Small to smaal somehow! Doh! Fourth review up for this month. :)
Shakira said…
done eighth, on a book I would never have read: Bugsy Malone!
Mehak said…
Just posted my first book review ever.. :)
I keep forgetting to post my reviews on the days they go up, or even the week! sorry! Just posted a few up
Shakira said…
just done my last two of the month
done 10 reviews.
Ricki said…
Some Jane Austen this month.