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Review: Ticket to Love by Marilyn Kaye

Ticket to Love by Marilyn Kaye
Published by Hodder Children's Book

Ticket for love is one of those girly fluffy reads which you can soak up in a matter of hours and leaves you with a bit of a warm glow afterwards.

The story follows a group of friends on a trip to new york. Whilst there they all have very different plans. One was to shop, one wants to take in the museums another want to celeb stalk and one wants to meet the boy she talks to on the internet.

The girls all have different adventures on their holidays all of which involve gorgeous perfect for them boys they meet whilst on their weekend in New York. While this is a little (ok a lot) contrived I enjoyed it nonetheless as that's what I was expecting from the moment I first picked up the book.

I enjoyed that this book was a bit of girly escapism. I enjoyed the relationships between the unlikely group of friends and enjoyed following their adventures even if they were a bit predictable

Recommended for teen girls who are love contemporary fiction ... definitely a bridging novel between YA novels and Adult Chick Lit


Jess said…
I love contemporary travel/holiday books like this. Definitely one I can see myself reading for some escapism as the weather get's warmer! Thanks for the fab review.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, Marilyn Kaye has been an author I've read since I was an actual teenager - and that is a long time ago now ;-) I particularly loved her Sisters series and kept taking those out of the library. I will have to do some more Kaye reading, I miss her, and your review makes this one sound like a GREAT place to start!
The cover has put the 11yo off but I really think she would love it. I will offer it to her again & make her read your review :D