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Bookcase Showcase: Blogger Little M from We Sat Down

 Little M is the younger half of We Sat Down. Her book reviews can be found over on  You can also follow on Twitter: @We Sat Down.

Little M’s bookshelves are alive and a treasure trove of all sorts.  She has a bookcase that reaches from ceiling to floor and another bookshelf on the wall.  But her library spills over and His Dark Materials and Harry Potter are now over on Big M’s shelves.  And some are kept in piles too, awaiting either a new shelf, to be dug out in years ahead, or given to other readers.

The shelving system is random because it’s pragmatic.  Books go on shelves wherever they can fit either because of size or space.  Books that have not been read go on lower shelves where they can be easily reached.  Some books are ‘special’ and stay on shelves for nostalgia (with Little M’s or Big M’s).

Here’s one of the higgledy-piggledy shelves where books share with lots of other goodies: bookmarks, bookplates, bookends and small ornament collections..  It has some books that date back to Grandad’s London school days right through to brand new 2012.

Here’s a wall shelf with books that have recently been read.

And here is a pile.