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Bookcase Showcase: Author Tessa Sharpe

These are my downstairs bookcases, containing everything from picture books I've had since I was a kid to the large collection of plays I collected in college to my favourite YA reads. I've lost quite a few lately to one of my dogs who has developed a taste for books, so usually there's a barrier of chairs around the shelves to protect them!
Tom Stoppard's play ARCADIA is up there, which definitely inspired me, as well as my collection of gardening books which helped me with the layout of Sophie's garden--I resisted giving her a Shakespeare themed garden, just barely! And Sharon Creech's WALK TWO MOONS, which is an MG that is the book that taught 10 year old to love plot twists. I was home-schooled and my mom had me read this book twice for our version of English class. First time, I just read it all the way through normally. Second time, she had me underline all the subtle hints interwoven into the book that step by step led to the twist. It's a book that's always been cemented in my consciousness as a writer, and really effected how I approach plot and the steps that lead to a reveal--not only as a writer, but as a reader. It's the book that taught me to write--and read--deeper.