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Bookcase Showcase: Mel from Mel's Random Reviews

Joining me today at The overflowing Library is Mel from

Hello all, I’m very excited to show you all around my bookcases. But first I have to confess something...I double shelf my books. I know, I know, each book should be on display, but my flat just doesn’t have the room. One magical day I will have my own library and I can see all my books at the same time, but until then I make do with deep shelves and two layers of books on each shelf.  So what do my shelves look like?

The very top shelf has a mixture of books ranging from some light non-fiction on the left through to literature into YA and into fantasy on the right. While in general I like my books have all author books together and then a vague genre relation, this shelf is probably my most mixed. The second shelf down is mostly fantasy driven with Maria V Snyder (one of my personal favourites), leading to Jacqueline Carey. The eagle eyed among you might recognise some Tom Holt & Jasper Fforde books in the row behind – both are great reads!

The fantasy theme continues with Traci Harding, who is an Australian author very difficult to get hold off in the northern hemisphere. I discovered the Ancient future while travelling in Australia and loved the mixture of time travel, magic, science fiction and philosophy in these books. The books then start to move into Urban Fantasy with Karen Chance and the shelf below has my favourite UF series – otherworld by Kelley Armstrong.

These shelves are a mixture of series that I love and are all on my must buy list. The Dresden files, Felix Castor, Mercy Thompson, Kitty as well as my first ever vampire love – Lestat. I loved Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles as they first introduced me to the vampire as an anti-hero.

This is where I keep some of my hardbacks and anthologies. And by the way, the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness – brilliant. Everyone should read them. You can also see some of my DVDs on this shelf as I enjoy the same type of program as books I read – supernatural and vampires. J

I have a problem with buying books faster than I can read them and actually have a whole bookcase dedicated to my TBR pile. This is a bit messier and less ordered than my over shelves – and I hide it in my bedroom rather than in my living room! The books actually on the shelves tend to books I’ve had a long time, while the books stacked on top are more recent acquisitions. I really want to read my way through all these books, but there are so many and I have a bad habit off picking up the top book to read next.
One selection of books that are missing are the Harry Potter series...I don’t own any of them. I have read them all and enjoyed Harry, Hermoine and the rest but have never got round to buying the books for myself. Maybe one day, when I can get my TBR pile onto one shelf...
Thanks Kirsty for having me – I’ve had fun! 

If you would like to feature in a future bookcase showcase please contact me via the bookcase showcase page (all details are on then too)


Anonymous said…
I love your book case. I wish if I have one like it.
Sniffly Kitty said…
I'm liking how books are kind of shelved by height! Does it drive you insane that your Blameless is taller than the other 2 in the series? Erm... I mean... please excuse my OCD
Essjay said…
Great shelves - we've got a lot of the same books :-D Why is Blameless bigger than the other two?
Mel said…
@ Sniffly Kitty & Essjay - it does drive me mad when the books change size half way through a series! It seems like a lot of series start small and then gain popularity so the UK publishers change the size to the bigger paperback size! As wall as Blameless, I now have Rivermarked a different size to the other Mercy Thompson books...Grr... :-)
Cicely said…
Awesome bookshelves! But I'm starting to feel happier about the size of my TBR shelf now... ;)
KelliumSims said…
Looks like you have an awful lot of TBRs, definitely makes me feel better about mine.

A lot of readers double up their shelves when they have that many books, but like you I prefer for all of mine to be on show :) Awesome shelves!
Wow- I love your bookshelves! so neat and tidy, and you have so many books that I want!
MrsMixx said…
I could look at those shelves all day long! I love pretty much all the books I see there *g*
Ohh don't worry I have the same problem...I get WAY more books than i can read. Sadly I now have 2 bookshelves of TBR books LOL
There's no hope for us.

(btw I kid myself saying I will read them all one day ;) )
Blodeuedd said…
Oh my, can I come over and steal all your books Mel? ;)

I know the problem, I have too many books that I do not have time to read
Anonymous said…
Wow, that looks just like mine lol. I love your bookshelves Mel!
Idris said…
Wow! Awesome bookshelves! Love them! : )
Mel said…
Thanks everyone for you comments - and thanks Kirsty for the opportunity! :-)
Great bookshelves. Much tidier than mine :D
Hannah Mariska said…
Gah - that's so fab! So many books and so well organised. I am seriously jealous - all mine are hidden away in a cupboard because we have so little space for them!
I think we all have a problem with buying books faster than we can read them! :) I double-stack too. I just don't have the space. Loved seeing your books!
So neat and tidy :D Love love love this feature :D
l love my main bookcase because l can double stack them! l think it saves so much space! Your so lucky to have so much room though!