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Bookcase Showcase: Sue Ransom author of A Small Blue Thing

Today I am joined by Sue Ransom author of a Small Blue Thing ...

When I promised to do this post I thought it would be pretty straightforward- after all, my house is packed with books. But then checked out some of the other shelves which have been featured. At that point I very nearly pulled out because everyone else seems to be so neat! My shelves look as if a bomb has gone off in them. My excuse it that they are shared between the four of us: my husband and me, and our two teenage children.  No-one but me remembers the filing system.

Our main shelves are in the upstairs corridor. The units are pretty deep, and because of the volume of books I have three or more layers of paperbacks on each shelf. A quick calculation gave me a total of nearly a thousand books in this set of shelves alone!

My daughter’s room is packed with all sorts of books but is so monumentally messy I don’t dare show you. It’s all hidden behind this door.

In the kitchen some art homework is wedged up against the most used cookbooks – there are boxes more in the garage.

Some of the big hardbacks and reference books are in the dining room, a space which is currently also being colonised by my son’s GCSE revision.

The coffee table-style books are in piles in the sitting room, waiting for us to buy a coffee table. They’ve been there some time.

There’s also the office which has loads of work-related reference books along with mountains of paperwork. I don’t dare show you that either. Other smaller piles of books litter the house, including a stack next to every bed and every loo. Finding a particular book can be a nightmare, and one day, when I have lots and lots of time, I’m going to file them all properly. Until then we’ll just have to go on living in book chaos.


serendipity_viv said…
They look similar to my shelves! I am curious to the magazines that you have kept.
Mel said…
I love that you have space to keep 1000 books! That makes me drool with jealousy...
Thankyou for showing us your bookshelves. Don't worry, mine are a mess too!
Wow, over a 1000 books - I would call your bookshelves tidy if I'm honest :D
With all those books that is very very tidy :D
I am also curious about the magazines. Come on Sue spill :D
Oh hurrah for (only slightly) messy shelves. I love the lived-in look. tr