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Bookcase Showcase: Jesse Owen

Today I have a bokcase showcase from one of my favourite bloggers Jesse from Books 4 Teens

Hiya everyone, here is my bookcase (alas I only have one) and this means that unfortunately some books are covered up as they are double stacked. Anyhoo – apologies in advance for the quality of photo taking and any mess which might have crept in without my knowledge!

At the top is what I have room for of my ornament and candle collection (my Gran used to collect ornate candles and it rubbed off on me) – the rabbit in the middle slightly to the back is my favourite!). 

Moving on, the top shelf is where some of my YA books that I've read live – in here I try to keep all the series that I have together (my multi cover Twilight series is on the this shelf all be it hidden). To the right is a few writing reference books.

On the middle shelf is a bit of a mish mash, it contains a mixture of chick lit (approximately half the shelf – you just can't see most of it), the Wicked Years books – including of course Wicked (which is hiding at the mo!). Not forgetting Philip Pullman's Dark Materials series & a couple of Harry Potter's – my brother has the full series so mostly I've read his copies – very tempted to buy the full series in white though :D 

The bottom shelf is where my non-fiction and biographies live (or as I like to call it books that won't fit anywhere else). On the left are the Buffy Watchers Guides. This shelf also contains more than a few magic and card magic books for when I went through my magic phase. If anyone wants an amazing introduction to card magic you can't go wrong with The Royal Road To Card Magic. And lets not forget the Wicked Grimmerie and the Avenue Q companion book which also live on this shelf.

The remaining books which I've read go on this pile behind my music books. You can also see part of my brother's DVD and Clown collection here.

And finally my TBR pile which sits next to my bed - as a rule when the pile hits the ceiling I stop buying books. It's not really in any specific order, it contains a mix of books that I've bought, been gifted or have for review.
Thank you Kirsty for hosting this fab feature and allowing me to take part :D


serendipity_viv said…
I love all the ornaments at the top!
Jules said…
I love your TBR pile :)
I love the rule you have for your tbr!
Sarah said…
Great pics, I love getting to have a nosey around other people's book shelves :o) I love the idea of not buying books when your to read pile hits the ceiling - I must put myself on a major book buying ban!
Anonymous said…
LOL at your TBR pile rule. Love it! I saw so many awesome books on those shelves :D
I love your rule about the TBR books hitting the ceiling. There are some really great books you have there, I loved seeing them! :)
I wish I could keep to my rule - it was working until recently lol

Thanks for letting me take part Kirsty :D